Amazon Music has a lot of great options for you to download psychic and meditation music. Whether you are looking to set the tone during a session with someone else or you are looking for the right music for your own, personal meditation there will be an option available to you.

Consider things like the pace of music; typically you are going to want something slow and relaxing. You can also think about what type of instruments you want to hear most. There might be chimes, pianos, harps, or some jazz music to pick from. Many songs will be a blend of different types of music. Don’t be afraid to make your own soundtrack that is a blend of your personal preferences. The key with meditation music is you want it easy and light so it plays softly in the background without interrupting your flow.

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1. Psychic Meditation (Daily Meditation Music)

Psychic Meditation (Daily Meditation Music - Make Contact with Spirit & Your Guides, Develop Psychic Abilities)

The Best Overall option is perfect because it actually combines sounds that are good for both psychic readings and meditation, making it a great blend. This set of 60 songs does all the work for you, and you wouldn’t have to add any music to your playlist if you go with this blend.

  • Blend of psychic and meditative music
  • Includes 60 songs
  • Designed to promote relaxation
  • 60 songs play a variety of different tones, which can switch tempos when you do not want them to
  • Too broad of a collection

2. Essential Beginners CD

Essential Beginners: CD1 From The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection CD1 Essential Beginners

This CD collection is great for beginners as it helps set the tone nicely. This CD can be used alongside workbooks to learn how to channel your psychic talents. There are also spoken tracks to help you work through anything blocking your abilities.

  • Top choice for beginners
  • Helps develop spiritual and psychic abilities
  • Can be used alongside workbooks
  • Great for beginners, but not experts
  • Designed more for psychic development and less for meditation

3. A Guided Journey CD from the Spiritual and Psychic Development

A Guided Journey CD2 from The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection

Meditation Collection — the Best Value on this list, this is another option to help you learn about being a psychic. With spoken tracks, the musicians are going to help guide you to your best spiritual self.

  • Can be used with a workbook to hone your talents
  • Tracks are spoken
  • Great for beginners to learn from expert psychics
  • Designed more for psychics than meditation
  • Spoken word can interrupt meditation

4. Psychic Meditation Music

Psychic Meditation Music
Psychic Meditation Music Check price

A compilation of two lengthy tracks, this is great music for meditation. This music was created to get the most out of the mind and can be used for more than just meditation and psychic activities.

  • Created by a master of the mind, the music is designed to help you get the most out of your brain
  • Good for background noise when studying or working
  • The musician is an expert on all subjects related to the mind
  • Only two tracks, but at least the tracks are lengthy
  • No workbook included for psychic use

5. Clairvoyance and Psychic Power

Meditation Music: Tibetan Singing Bowl

This is another great option if you are looking for music for a more psychic practice than for meditative reasons although it is good for hypnosis and meditation. Complete with 9 lengthy tracks, this CD will play for a long time while you are in session.

  • Great to harness your psychic powers
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • Only 9 tracks, but they are long
  • So soothing it might put you to sleep

6. Meditation Music: Tibetan Singing Bowl

Clairvoyance and Psychic Power (With Hypnosis and Meditation Power)

This is a great collection for meditation. Sound is unique, coming from the playing of handmade bowls. This might be the best sound on the market today to foster meditation practice.

  • Known for its healing properties and meditative absorption
  • Handmade bowls create a unique sound
  • Creates an environment for internal reflection
  • Much better for meditation than for psychic readings
  • A little short for a CD

7. Guided Meditation on the Present Moment

Guided Meditation on The Present Moment for Sleep by Music for Deep Meditation

If you are looking to improve your breathing techniques and meditation skills, this guided meditation collection is the best for you. Let a trained yoga instructor teach you to breathe correctly in your meditation practices.

  • Includes breathing exercises
  • Led by a trained yoga instructor
  • Simple enough for beginners
  • Better for meditation and deep breathing than for psychics
  • Experts might be bored with basic techniques

8. Psychic Protection Meditation

Psychic Protection Meditation - Peaceful Journey, Healing Energy, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Balance, Soothing Music

Another great blend that is good for psychics and meditators alike, this is a collection with many purposes. With 30 tracks, you will not get bored repeating the same music.

  • 30 complete tracks
  • Very relaxing and promotes deep thought
  • Opens up your psychic channels
  • Soothing sounds can put you to sleep when you don’t want to sleep

After reading this guide, you are now more than capable of making the best decision on psychic and meditation music to meet your needs. Get ready to make your purchase. No matter what type of instruments you favor, there is an option for you. Get started today and make your own, personalized psychic and meditation music playlist that you can play for clients or during your own meditation. When in doubt, you can get started with the Best Overall, Psychic Meditation, as it actually is a collection of 60 songs that were handpicked to be great for both psychic readings and meditation practice. If you do not have time to research and make your own playlists, get started today with that amazing collection of psychic meditation songs.