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Each color has a different vibrational energy that impacts mood, thoughts, feelings and more. Use of ritual supplies having a specific color allows you to harness that energy and combine it with your will and visualizations to attract the desired intention.

For example, green heavily corresponds with abundance & prosperity. While conducting magick related to prosperity, using green items - candles, inks, mojo bags, stones, clothing, etc. - as part of the ritual allows you to tap into this vibrational energy and boost the energies you are sending out to attract money and wealth.

Our Color Properties page details the magickal correspondences traditionally associated with each color and some ways to incorporate color into your life and magickal practice.

  • Black

    In color magick, black is traditionally associated with protection, reversing, grounding, wisdom, learning, safety, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magick, banishing negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, and pride.
  • Blue

    In color magick, blue is traditionally associated with communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, domestic harmony, organization, removing bad vibrations, sincerity, astral projection, and the element of water. Light blue is associated with spirituality, tranquility, peace, and protection.
  • Brown

    In color magick, brown is traditionally associated with house blessing, animal/pet magick, earth magick, concentration, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, real estate, construction, food, financial crisis, and the element of Earth.
  • Copper

    In color magick, copper is traditionally associated with business success, passion, money, fertility and career growth.
  • Gold

    In color magick, gold is traditionally associated with masculine divinity, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, male energy, understanding, divination, fast luck, solar/sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, and luxury.
  • Green

    In color magick, green is traditionally associated with prosperity, abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage, tree/plant magick, acceptance, weather, and counteracting envy/greed/jealousy.
  • Orange

    In color magick, orange is traditionally associated with creativity, self-expression, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, legal matters/justice, joy, business success, ambition, vitality, fun, action, opportunity, celebration, and investments.
  • Pink

    In color magick, pink is traditionally associated with love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual & emotional healing, protection of children, domestic harmony, self-improvement, and maturity.
  • Purple / Violet

    In color magick, purple is traditionally associated with wisdom, influence, spiritual power, contact with spirits, driving away evil, changing luck, independence, government, and breaking habits. Violet is associated with spirituality, connection to higher self, Goddess, insight, clarity, and tension.
  • Red

    In color magick, red is traditionally associated with passion, vitality, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexual potency, mercy, action, danger, war, fire element, conflict, sports, independence, assertiveness, and competition.
  • Silver

    In color magick, silver is traditionally associated with feminine divinity, stability, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, victory, meditation, communication, moon magick, and gambling luck.
  • White

    In color magick, white is traditionally associated with unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, innocence, rain, magick involving young children, truth, consecration, and balancing the aura. It is also useful as a good all-purpose color.
  • Yellow

    In color magick, yellow is traditionally associated with pleasure, success, happiness, learning, memory, concentration, persuasion, inspiration, imagination, solar magick, charm, confidence, air element, travel, and flexibility.