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Box - Anne Stokes Dragon Beauty Treasure Box (7-1/4") Box - Anne Stokes Dragon Beauty Treasure Box (7-1/4")

This gorgeous trinket box from Nemesis Now and artist Anne Stokes is a must-have for dragon lovers.  The lid features a wonderfully detailed winged dragon protectively guarding a rose and the box itself.  The rose flower and its leaves are beautifully hand painted to give the piece a dramatic splash of purple and green color.  

Made of high quality cold cast resin, approximately 7-1/4" tall.  Perfect for holding jewelry or other small keepsakes.

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $46.95
Wooden Box with Tile - Celtic Pentagram Cat by Lisa Parker (5 Inch) Box - Celtic Pentagram Cat by Lisa Parker (5")

A welcome addition to the altar, dresser, desk or bookshelf, this wooden treasure box is a fantastic place to store your jewelry, altar tools, herbs and more. With a felt-lined interior, its surface is painted black and its hinged lid is accented by a decorative tile.  The tile portrays artist Lisa Parker's gorgeous image of a black cat with pentacle collar seated in a an interwoven celtic knotwork pentagram and crescent moon.  Ivy leaves, printed green gems, and celtic triquetras complete the design.

This elegant decorative piece measures approximately 5" wide by 5" long and approximately 2-3/4" high.

List Price: $23.95
Your Price: $21.95
Box - Witching Hour Cat - Lisa Parker Box - Witching Hour Cat

This decorative storage box by artist Lisa Parker depicts a black cat resting amidst witchy books and staring intently into the flame of a burning candle. The words 'Tarot Box' appear at the top of the image and the sides of the box are decorated with celtic triquetra knots.

Perfect for holding a tarot deck or other small trinkets, the box is made of vinyl laminated 3/16" medium density fiberboard and measures approximately 5" long by 3-7/8" wide by 2-3/8" high. The interior and bottom of the box are lined with felt.

List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $15.95
Hinged Wood Box - Eye of Horus Hinged Wood Box - Eye of Horus

This beautiful handcrafted box makes a great holder for a tarot deck, herbs, jewelry or any other treasures.  Dark stained, hinged wooden box with brass inlaid Eye of Horus on the cover.  Box measures approximately 4" x 6".

The Eye of Horus (originally the Eye of Ra) is an ancient Egyptian symbol of power, protection, and indestructibility.  A god of the sky, one of Horus' eyes was the sun and the other the moon.  The Eye of Horus is represented as a peregrine falcon's eye.

List Price: $17.95
Your Price: $16.95
Hinged Wood Box - Large Floral Hinged Wood Box - Large Floral

This beautiful handcrafted box makes a great holder for a tarot deck or any other treasures.  Wood, hinged box with hand-carved floral design, 5" x 8".  Carvings will vary.

List Price: $15.95
Your Price: $14.95
Magickal Cat Round Box Magickal Cat Round Box

A delightful item for those who collect cat & kitten items (as well as those who simply enjoy traditional pagan imagery), this small blue jar is decorated with tree limbs, stars, moons, and cat faces.  The lid is accented by a black cat wearing a broad-brimmed, pointy red witch hat and seemingly looking up from reading a magical tome.

Made of cold-cast resin, the piece measures approximately 5" high at its highest point, though the actual container measures 1-3/4" tall and 4-1/4" in diameter at its widest point.

List Price: $26.95
Your Price: $25.00