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Black Destroyer Powder (1/2 oz. Packet) - Ritual Sachet Powder Black Destroyer Powder (1/2 oz. Packet)

Black Destroyer sachet powder is designed to be a powerful aid in spells of banishing and protection.  Black Destroyer powder is used to help destroy curses, hatred, resentment, envy and any evil intentions toward you or your home.  The powder can be sprinkled around the premises or on oneself, carried in a mojo bag, carried on the person, sprinkled on incense, or sprinkled on candles that have been dressed with anointing oils.  Powder comes in a 1/2 ounce (14g) packet. For external use only.

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Eggshell Ritual Powder Eggshell Ritual Powder

Eggshell powder can be used to represent life & birth in spells & rituals, but it is more frequently applied to the body to offer protection, helping to create a shell of magickal warding. It can also be used as a chalk powder for drawing sigils and magickal symbols or sprinkled around the home or business for general protection and peace.
Made of crushed eggshells, this ritual powder comes packaged in a small paper cup that measures approximately 1-1/2" diameter by 1" deep.

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Pillow Powder - 1 oz. Pillow Powder - 1 oz.

Use this powder within your ritual magick tip the balance of control in your relationship in your favor and make your lover do as you wish. This is can be outright control, an aid in you seeking to keep them from straying, or a little nudge to try to get them to take more account of your wishes and desires.

This is a 1 oz bag of Pillow Powder.

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