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Poster - Raven Prayer
Pagan Parchment Poster - Raven Prayer - Travis Bowman

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This poster offers a prayer to the totem spirit of the raven, known for its wisdom & guile.  The poem is written by Travis Bowman.  A bold top image by Eliot Alexander depicts the upper body of a raven.  Poster is printed on 8-1/2" by 11" parchment.

The text of the prayer reads:

"Winged emissary from the realms beyond,
Fire-stealer, trickster, wolf-friend,
Raven, I call on your wisdom
Teach me your tricks of thought and memory.
Lend me your eloquence to speak of the hidden mysteries.
Help me use the tools around me to attain my goals,
and if I do not find those tools, teach me to craft them.
Help me fly with agility to where I'm most needed.
Guide me in the ways of the sentinel.
Teach me to sing for love
and to return to those places where it has lived before.
I ask for your strength in the face of intimidation.
I ask for your wings
as I dive into darkness and return with knowledge.
I ask for your magic
in shaping the unformed into a beautiful reality.
Raven, I call on thee."

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