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Herbal Amulet - Fertility
Herbal Amulet - Fertility

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Handmade herbal amulet charm bag for fertility.

Velveteen gris gris bag contains herbs, gemstones and a parchment talisman magickally corresponding to fertility and life. Charm bags have been used for centuries as a form of portable symbolic magick. A charm bag is essentially a small bag filled with hand-picked items corresponding to a particular magickal purpose. It is a talisman meant to attract influences to (or repel them from) the carrier. Charm bags are known by many names, including herbal amulets, mojo bags, conjure bags, amulet bags, root bags, wishing bags and gris gris.

Our charm bags contain blends of gemstones, herbs, roots, and barks along with a small talisman spell. The contents of each bag are carefully selected with the particular intent of the bag in mind. The bags are charged, consecrated, and ready to use. For additional power, you can add small items or spell papers of your own to personalize the amulet to your particular situation. Examples of objects that can be added include hair or small photos to link the energy to a specific person, coins to attract prosperity, and bits of colored cloth or feathers to add a little boost of color magick. The bags can also be re-charged at any time by anointing them with oils of your choosing.

Charm bags are generally worn or carried, just as one would carry a rabbit's foot for luck. The bags are most often carried in a pocket or pinned inside one's clothing, out of sight of others. Depending on the purpose, it may also be appropriate to keep the bag in a particular place, such as in a cash register for business success or in a travel carry-on for travel protection. The magick begins with you -- it is your focus, energy and belief that will give the bag its power and draw the desired effect. For best results, focus your concentration on the outcome you are hoping to manifest at least once a day. The more energy you send out to the universe, the more likely you are to attract the desired outcome.

Bag measures approximately 2" by 2-1/2". Note that the image shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the specific contents of this amulet - the contents you receive will be specifically targeted to the intention of fertility.

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