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Gemstone Wand - White Selenite with Carved Spiral Design - 6 Inches Gemstone Wand - White Selenite with Carved Spirals (6")

White Selenite is associated with clearing negative energies, contacting spirit guides & angels, intuition, meditation, and increased psychic abilities.

This natural selenite gemstone wand measures approximately 6" long and has a spiral carved into the top and bottom. Exact designs may vary slightly.

Important Note - This gemstone item should not be immersed in liquid - selenite is water soluble and exposure to liquids will eventually dissolve the stone.

List Price: $12.95
Your Price: $12.50
Wand - Mini Silver Chakra Healing (3 Inch ) Wand - Mini Silver Chakra Healing (3")

This mini wand is crafted of silver tubing with an egg shaped gemstone on one end and a quartz crystal point on the other.  Seven colored stones run the length of the wand, each stone corresponding to the Chakras of the body to aid in physical and spiritual healing.  Wand approximately 3" long.

List Price: $21.95
Your Price: $20.95