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Gemstone Marble - Amethyst (1/2"+) Gemstone Marble - Amethyst (1/2"+)

Small polished amethyst gemstone sphere.  Colors & sizes vary, each marble is approximately 1/2"+ diameter.  Price is per marble.

Amethyst is associated with peaceful sleep, healing, intuition, removing negativity, drawing love, dispelling anger, overcoming addictions, inspiration, healing, and meditation.

List Price: $2.95
Your Price: $2.50
Gemstone Marble - Black Obsidian Gemstone Marble - Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is associated with grounding, centering, divination, increasing spirituality, healing, cleansing, clarity, luck, manifestation, transformation, and inner growth.

Sphere sizes vary from approximately 5/8" (15mm) to 3/4" (19mm) diameter.  Price is per marble.

Your Price: $1.50
Gemstone Marble - Blue Lace Agate (11mm) Gemstone Marble - Blue Lace Agate (11mm)

Mini blue lace agate marble sphere measures approximately 11mm diameter (slightly less than 1/2").  

Blue lace agate is associated with peace, calm, patience, happiness, warmth, gentleness, domestic harmony, and tenderness.

List Price: $2.25
Your Price: $1.95
Gemstone Marble - Clear Quartz - Large (21mm to 25mm) Gemstone Marble - Clear Quartz - Large (21mm to 25mm)

Small polished gemstone marble meticulously crafted from solid quartz.  Possessing all of the qualities of clear quartz, each sphere is largely translucent, with visible fissures and lines that create reflective surfaces and planes within the crystal ball depending on which angle you look at it and what angle the light strikes it from.  This aids in meditative contemplation as well as divination, helping to find answers and bring about visions and understanding.  Quartz is a powerful gemstone, associated with healing, drawing out pain, protection from negative vibrations, meditation, psychic powers, balance and magickal strength.  Price is per sphere.  Each sphere measures approximately 7/8" to 1" in diameter.

List Price: $8.95
Your Price: $8.50
Sale Price: $6.00
Gemstone Marble - Copper (1/2 Inch ) Gemstone Marble - Copper (1/2")

Petite 1/2" diameter hammered solid copper sphere.  Price is per marble.  

Copper is associated with releasing, healing, protection, self-esteem, luck, and attracting love & money.  

Perfect for use on its own as a talisman or in an amulet or charm bag.

Your Price: $2.00
Gemstone Marble - Rose Quartz (1/2 Inch +) Gemstone Marble - Rose Quartz (1/2"+)

Rose Quartz is associated with peace, self- esteem, love, beauty, fertility, and creativity.  Each marble measures approximately 1/2" (sizes vary, please allow for variations).  Price is per marble, each sold individually.

List Price: $2.25
Your Price: $1.95
Gemstone Sphere - Amber (2-1/2") Gemstone Sphere - Amber (2-1/2")

Brilliantly hued Baltic Amber sphere measures approximately 2-1/2" diameter (63 to 65mm).  

Amber is fossilized hardened resin from pine trees, typically found in Poland and the Dominican Republic.  Amber is related to the fire element & the Sun. It cleanses negative energies, dispels gloom, instills positive energy, brings wisdom, balance, patience & promotes altruism. Amber is self healing, imparts revitalization, stimulates happiness, opening & cleansing. It provides protection, luck, healing & strength.  

Stand sold separately.

Your Price: $120.00
Gemstone Sphere - Orange Selenite Gemstone Sphere - Orange Selenite

Carved from natural orange selenite, this glossy opaque gemstone sphere has varying light orange and white hues. Sphere sizes vary from approximately 2" to 3-1/4" diameter.

Selenite is associated with clearing negative energies, contacting spirit guides & angels, intuition, meditation, and increased psychic abilities.

Important Note - This gemstone item should not be immersed in liquid - selenite is water soluble and exposure to liquids will eventually dissolve the stone.

List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $15.95