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Rough Gemstone - Emerald Rough Gemstone - Emerald (1/2" +)

Emerald is associated with psychic awareness, meditation, insight, tranquility, peace, sleep, healing, divination, love, friendship, protection from evil, business success, memory, recognition, faith, fertility, serenity, romance, understanding, and balance.   Price is per gemstone.  Sizes & shapes vary, each gemstone measures approximately 1/2" to 1-1/2" long.

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Runes - Tumbled Emerald Rune Stone Set Runes - Emerald Rune Stone Set

Set of 25 emerald rune stones. This set is made from tumbled emerald stones with rune symbols engraved in gold painted lettering. Each rune stone measures approximately 1/2" to 3/4" wide.

Runes are typically used as an oracle or divination tool to obtain information from the higher self. Like tarot cards, there are countless ways to use runes -- from simple and detailed spreads to asking a question and pulling a rune to find the answer. This rune set uses the Elder Futhark alphabet and contains 24 lettered rune stones plus 1 blank rune.

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