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Bracelet - Gemstone Power Bracelet - Hematite
Bracelet - Gemstone Power Bracelet - Hematite

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Power or karma bracelets are stretch-style bracelets strung with semi-precious stone beads that are worn to magnify one's personal power with the vibrational energies of a particular stone and help bring about change or improved circumstances.

This power bracelet is made of 1/4" polished hematite gemstone spheres strung on an elasticized cord. In magickal folklore, hematite is associated with concentration, memory, banishing negativity, clarity, courage, stress relief, energy, healing, divination, grounding, centering, scrying, reliability, self-confidence, and legal matters.

About Power Bracelets

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. One's thoughts & feelings have vibrational energies that attract our life experiences. Any attempt to change these vibrational energies must be consistent, otherwise we return to our old ingrained beliefs and fall back into the same life state. The power of gemstones is that they are consistent - always transmitting and radiating out a particular vibrational message with unwavering persistence. For this reason, keeping gemstones on your person in jewelry form can help bring about deep change by aligning your personal energy with the higher vibration of the stones to help move beyond your limiting beliefs and patterns.

Power bracelets are designed to help you achieve a breakthrough. The key sign that a breakthrough has occurred is when the bracelet breaks. If your bracelet breaks, stop and take note of what you were just thinking, feeling or experiencing at the moment that your bracelet broke. It is not a coincidence, but rather a spiritual message and your ability to connect to that message is important.

It is not necessary for the bracelet to break for a breakthrough to occur. If you feel that you have worked through the issue, you may decide to stop wearing the bracelet on your own. In that case, you may be drawn to it again when you are ready to work on related issues.

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