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Book:  Book of Shadows - Phyllis Curott Book: Book of Shadows - Curott

Book of Shadows chronicles the ascent of author Phyllis Curott to the position of Wiccan High Priestess and her efforts to reconcile her newfound spirituality with her struggles as a woman rising through the ranks of the corporate world.  Along the way, Curott relates the history of Witchcraft and shares many traditional Wiccan practices, such as casting a circle, drawing down the Goddess, harnessing the powers of the natural world, and casting spells for health, prosperity, and love.

Engagingly written and rich with detailed rituals and techniques, this inspirational memoir traces a modern womans spiritual journey into a realm of extraordinary experience and enlightenment.  Paperback, 302 pages.

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Book:  Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils - Anna Riva Book: Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils - Anna Riva

This A to Z guide by Anna Riva details over 300 of the most popular oils available from occult supply houses.  Find the oils you need to help solve problems or assist in the situations you face.  Paperback, 64 pages.

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Book:  Handfasting & Wedding Rituals - Kaldera & Schwartzstein Book: Handfasting & Wedding Rituals - Kaldera & Schwartzstein

Handfasting and Wedding Rituals by Raven Kaldera and Tannin Schwartzstein has everything you need to plan the perfect Pagan wedding. You'll find advice and examples to help you with basic wedding planning, writing vows, and ritual construction, along with practical tips and great ideas about everything from low-cost wedding favors to candle and bonfire safety.
Handfasting and Wedding Rituals also includes sixteen full rites honoring a wide variety of Pagan traditions. Rituals in their full form can be used exactly as printed or modified to fit your needs. Each rite is categorized as level one, two, or three depending on their level of overt Pagan content and degree of participation expected from your guests.
Paperback, 336 pages.

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Book  Magic with Incense & Powders - Anna Riva Book: Magic with Incense & Powders - Anna Riva

Anna Riva's Magic with Incense & Powders is a much-needed guide to many occult incenses and powders being used today and the various methods of employing them to gain one's objectives.  The book details over 850 rituals for almost that many different objectives using 250 incenses and 300 powders.  There are magical procedures here for love, protection, resisting evil, increasing wealth, staying out of jail, easing pain, and more.  Index included to help you locate the subjects that interest you.

Paperback, 128 pgs.

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