Gemstone and Metal Magick

Gemstones and metals have long been associated with magick. The correspondence table below lists the magickal properties of many common gemstones and metals.

As with colors, there are many ways to use gemstones and metals in your magickal workings. Place a piece of gemstone having a property related to your working on your altar or in your ritual space. Include gemstone or metal pieces in amulets or carry a piece to help improve your life in an area associated with the item. Find magickal tools crafted from a gem or metal that has properties you wish to tap into in your rituals.

Gem/Metal Magickal Properties
Agate Happiness, intelligence, fertility, health, protection of children, strength, physical energy, courage, overcoming envy, gardening, well-being
Amazonite Calm, peace, joy, attracting success, gambling luck, overcoming grief, concentration, creativity
Amber Cleansing, positive energy, wisdom, happiness, luck, strength, healing, patience, beauty, love, pleasure, protection from negativity, physical strength, self-confidence, will power
Amethyst Transmuting negative to positive, increasing spiritual awareness, calming, soothing, repelling negative vibrations, overcoming addiction, peace, love, happiness, protection, good judgment, dreams, new beginnings, stability, fertility, eloquence, common sense, compassion
Ametrine Astral travel, magickal power, meditation, removing negativity
Apache Tears Stress relief, healing emotional wounds, acceptance of and relief from grief, positive transformation, protection from negative energies and psychic attacks, grounding, cleansing, releasing energy blockages, logical thinking, spontaneity, uncovering truths
Apatite Abundance, acceptance, concentration/focus, improving self-image, clearing negativity, stimulating the intellect, cleansing the aura, creative problem solving, remembering dreams, accessing past life memories, suppressing hunger, overcoming self-consciousness & shyness, encouraging a positive outlook, beauty, reducing irritability, animal conservation
Aquamarine Self-awareness, imagination, confidence, purity, meditation, balance, protection, tranquility, clarity, calming, overcoming depression
Aragonite Meditation, balance, centering, healing, will power, patience, self-assurance
Aventurine Creativity, motivation, inner peace, business success, intellect, perception, soothing emotions/heartache, clarity, imagination, independence, joy, sexuality, vitality, wealth, romance
Bloodstone Healing, wealth, courage, physical strength, stress relief, help in business/legal matters, revitalization, prosperity, guidance, abundance, rain, organization
Blue Lace Agate Peace, calm, patience, happiness, warmth, gentleness, domestic harmony, tenderness
Botswana Agate Eases stress and pain of a loss, reduces anxiety, boosts mood
Calcite Luck, money, problem resolution, gambling, healing, creativity, business success, attracting love
Carnelian Joy, protection, energy, easing depression, promoting self-confidence, peace, concentration, focus, action, sexuality, lust, healing, courage
Chrysocolla Clarity, peace, patience, love, wisdom, dreams, balance, prosperity, growth, hope, intimacy, intuition, tolerance, patience, sleep, creativity, self-awareness
Citrine Sleep, luck, creativity, protection, self-esteem, magickal power, optimism, abundance, acquisition and maintenance of wealth, mental focus, endurance, clarity of thought, open mindedness, successful outcomes, career success, courage, smoothing family problems, dissipating negative energy
Copper Releasing, healing, protection, self-esteem, luck, attracting love & money
Diamond Generosity, trust, faithfulness, prosperity, love, peace, success, physical strength, will power, confidence, joy, luck
Emerald Psychic awareness, meditation, insight, tranquility, peace, sleep, healing, divination, love, friendship, protection from evil, business success, memory, recognition, faith, fertility, serenity, romance, understanding, balance
Flourite Good luck, concentration, keenness of mind, perspective, reducing emotional involvement, increasing mental power, logic, managing anger, analytical skill, intellect, truth
Fuchsite Healing, wisdom, intellect, productivity, independence, problem solving, balance in the family, equilibrium in relationships, reducing mood swings, connecting with fairies and your own inner child
Gaia Stone Prosperity, emotional healing, Goddess connection
Garnet Health, cheery disposition, self-esteem, love, business success, past life regression, consistency of love & friendship, travel protection, happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, wisdom, fertility
Gold Abundance, energy, purification, love, warmth, prosperity
Goldstone Hope, protection
Hematite Concentration, memory, banishing negativity, clarity, courage, stress relief, energy, healing, divination, grounding, centering, healing, scrying, reliability, self-confidence, legal matters
Herkimer Quartz Stress relief, meditation, visualization, balancing, calming
Howlite Stress relief, anxiety, calming, tension, artistic expression, creativity, eliminating selfishness, purity, spirituality
Iolite Truth, calming, peace, psychic ability, curiosity, spiritual growth, leadership
Jade Concentration, unconditional love, concentration, fidelity, harmony, health, justice, protection, luck, beauty, energy, stress relief, perspective, wisdom, growth
Jasper Stability, healing, balancing emotions & stress
Jet Purification, psychic protection, virility, control, luck, health, divination, protection from illness & violence, guarding against nightmares
Kyanite Creativity, commitment, loyalty, meditation, communication, cleansing, loyalty, dreams, honesty
Labradorite Earth magick, faith, patience, imagination, introspection, strength, sleep, protection, stress relief, calming, divination, strengthening convictions, courage, facilitating transformation
Lapis Lazuli Courage, healing emotional wounds, compassion, courage, wisdom, strength, clarity, wisdom, fidelity, spiritual love, past life recall, divination (especially scrying, Tarot and runes), tranquility, eloquence, expressiveness, self-confidence, creativity
Lepidolite Serenity, peace, tranquility, stress relief, unity of the mind and heart, transitions, new beginnings, overcoming dependencies and addictions, objectivity, clear communication, acceptance of life's inevitable changes
Lodestone Focus, sleep, grounding; Lodestones are used to charge spell items and attract positive forces to the one using them. As natural magnets, they are often used in pairs, with one used to repel bad luck while the other is used to attract good luck. Place them upon your altar or in a gris gris or mojo bag and feed daily with lodestone food to help empower your spells and magic.
Malachite Power, success, inspiration, releasing pain/anger, concentration, travel protection, healing, sleep, inspiration, psychic visions, overcoming negativity & depression, business success, money, protection from physical danger, emotional maturity, fertility, wisdom
Moldavite Meditation, inner guidance, sympathy, compassion, clairvoyance, protection during astral travel, self-healing, channeling, communication with higher self, widening perspective
Moonstone Travel protection (especially water travel), stress relief, past life regression, luck, clarity, spiritual understanding, calming emotions, hope, opening heart to love, joy, good fortune, new beginnings, beauty, childbirth, dieting, divination, humanitarian matters
Moss Agate Friendship, gardening, healing, money, happiness, longevity, finding treasures
Obsidian Grounding, centering, divination, increasing spirituality, healing, cleansing, clarity, luck, manifestation, transformation, inner growth
Onyx Balancing, protection, faith, grounding spiritual energy to the physical plane, stability, scrying, relaxation
Opal Positive emotions, joy, aura cleansing, inner beauty, loyalty, spontaneity, clarity, healing, passion, eloquence, faithfulness, self-confidence, wisdom, spontaneity, beauty
Pearl Divination, balancing, protection, intuition, chastity, wisdom, youth, purity, serenity, truth, innocence, money, prosperity, friendship, emotional clarity, concentration
Peridot Prosperity, growth, purification, balance, intuition, compassion, cleansing, protection against nightmares, anger management, overcoming nervousness, fertility, friendship, healing, repairing relationships, reducing stress, focus
Petrified Wood Protection, longevity, past-life recall
Pyrite (Fool's Gold) Logic, clarity, memory, prosperity, will power, grounding, harmony, vitality
Quartz Healing, drawing out pain, protection from negative vibrations, meditation, psychic powers, balance, magickal strength
Red Jasper Beauty, grace, increasing mental processes, luck, easing pain of childbirth, forming barrier against dangerous whims & desires
Rhodocrosite Balancing, healing, beauty, intelligence, divine love, energy, peace, loneliness, comfort, meeting potential, self-confidence, tact, compassion, friendship
Rhodonite Assurance, understanding of cosmic purpose, understanding of new concepts & teachings, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, peace, happiness, laughter, joy, strength against vulnerability, harmony in relationships, enabling change
Rose Quartz Self-esteem, peace, fertility, creativity, love, compassion, beauty, fidelity, happiness
Ruby Wealth, passion, restful sleep, protection from storms & negativity, power, joy, courage, sexual energy, enthusiasm, generosity, will power, contentment
Ruby in Zoisite Protection, guarding against psychic attack, wealth, passion, restful sleep, protection from storms, warding off negativity, courage, will power, joy
Rutilated Quartz Energy, inspiration, removing negativity, clearing the chakras
Sapphire Balance, overcoming depression, self-discipline, love, meditation, peace, healing, friendship, fertility
Selenite Clearing negative energies, contacting spirit guides & angels, intuition, meditation, increased psychic abilities
Seraphinite Purification, centering, compassion, healing
Serpentine Cleansing, visualization, meditation, attracting love, drawing money/wealth, abundance, psychic power, matters involving the elderly, longevity
Shiva Lingam Made of Crypto Crystalline Quartz, said to emanate the strongest vibration of any stone on earth; represents both the male energy of knowledge & the female energy of wisdom
Silver Soothing, cleansing, psychic ability, balance, clarity, stress relief
Smokey Quartz Eases depression, calms the mind, reduces fear & panic, elevates mood, overcomes negative emotions & unhappiness, grounding, centering
Snowflake Obsidian Grounds spiritual energy to the physical plane, absorbs negativity, enhances serenity
Sodalite Alleviates fears, clears the mind, calms inner conflict, truth, stress relief, peace, harmony, wisdom, relaxation, communication, dispels guilt, merges logic and spirituality, creates emotional balance, learning, perception, creativity, insight, eliminates confusion
Staurolite Compassion, understanding, spirituality, prosperity
Sugilite Stress relief, protection, purification, healing, protection, spirituality, balancing, spiritual love, forgiveness, compassion, eloquence, fertility, friendship, growth, spirituality, awareness
Sunstone Personal power, healing, overcoming depression, health, physical energy, protection, sexual arousal, sexual energy, increasing the energy of healing herbs, success, vitality, courage, independence
Tanzanite Meditation, clairvoyance, spirituality, protection, wisdom, communication with spirit & animal guides
Tiger Eye Protects against external stresses, restores physical energy, truth, understanding, emotional balance, luck, good fortune, travel protection, communication, recognition of own faults, overcoming stubbornness, self-confidence, connection with the Earth
Topaz Emotional balance, abundance, clarity, confidence, overcoming depression, energy, focus, power, tranquility
Tourmaline Weight loss, creativity, success, prosperity, attracting love, meditation, grounding, understanding root of problems
Turquoise Friendship, meditation, emotional balance, loyalty, divination, healing, soothing, wisdom, psychic development, beauty, protection, joy, wealth, romantic love, courage, trust, victory
Unakite Protection, power, balance, healing, friendship, gardening, attracting animal guides, peace, quiet
Yellow Aventurine Creativity, manifesting money, abundance, prosperity, leadership, decisiveness, and increasing personal power
Zoisite Health, strength, enthusiasm, poise, composure

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