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One of the four tools of witchcraft, the ritual knife is known as an athame (pronounced 'ah-thah-may'). The athame usually represents the element of fire and is used to direct energy, cast the circle, and call the quarters in Wicca rituals. While not generally used for cutting, it is permissable to use the athame to cut cake at a wiccan or pagan handfasting ceremony. Another type of ritual knife is a boline (or boleen), which is a rounded knife historically used to harvest herbs and plants for spells and other magickal purposes. Some traditions use a boline in place of an athame in rituals.
In classic tradition, the athame had a black handle and the boline a white handle, but today you can usually use whatever styles and colors strike your fancy. The most important thing is that it feels right to you, since it is the athame you like and are comfortable with that will work best in your own magick. We offer athames and bolines in a variety of sizes, prices and designs to meet your needs.
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: Due to state laws, we are unable to sell any athame & boline having a double-edged blade to customers in Massachusetts. By purchasing an athame or boline from this site, you verify that you are 18 years or older and that the knife may be legally purchased & owned in your state, county and city/town. It is your responsibility to check local laws regarding possession of knives and to use any knife purchased from us in a safe and legal manner. Please see our Site Policies page for additional legal terms regarding the purchase of athames and bolines.