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Wall Hanging - Cat with Celtic Pentacle Moon (7-1/2 Inch ) Wall Hanging - Cat with Celtic Pentacle Moon (7-1/2")

This marvelous cold-cast resin wall hanging is hand painted in the tones of the forest, with muted greens and rustic brown highlights playing perfectly into the knotted designs and brighter green leaves that frame the whole design.  At its center rests a pentagram seemingly woven around a crescent moon marked with its own pattern of Celtic knotwork.  At the heart of the design resides a black cat, sitting in the curve of the moon and looking out upon the world.  

Measuring 7-1/2" in diameter, this wall plaque can easily fit into the home or altar of any nature lover or friend of felines.

List Price: $24.95
Your Price: $24.00
Smudge Stick - Dragon's Blood & Mountain Sage (3 Pack) Smudge Stick - Dragon's Blood & Mountain Sage (3 Pack)

Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions, typically used for cleansing and sending out prayers.  This three pack of smudge sticks blends mountain sage with dragon's blood resin, mingling two of the most popular fragrances in magical practice into a wonderful ritual tool. Use them for ritual purification, to carry your prayers, for banishing, etc.  

Dragon's Blood is used for protection, energy, purification, magickal potency, banishing negative influences, banishing bad habits, removing negativity, and bringing good luck.  Sage is used for purification, removing negative energy, healing, wisdom, improving mental ability, wishing, and dealing with grief and loss.

Each smudge stick measures 4" long and approximately 1"in diameter.  This item is wildcrafted and gathered by the Kumeyay Indians.

List Price: $9.95
Your Price: $9.25
Seven Chakra Gemstone Rings & Copper Pendulum - Rainbow of Colors Pendulum - Chakra Gemstone Rings with Copper

The colorful core of this pendulum is made up of seven gemstone rings, each representing one of the chakra colors.  The rainbow of gemstones is housed between a copper point and base.  The pendulum chain is capped with an ornate copper sphere for slip free handling.

Pendulum measures approximately 1-3/4" long;  overall length with chain approximately 9-1/4".

Pendulums are one of the easiest to use forms of divination available.  Great for yes or no questions or used with charts for advanced divination.

List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $16.50
Basic Wiccan/Pagan Altar Set Basic Wiccan/Pagan Altar Set

Perfect for Wiccan practitioners, this altar set includes everything shown plus a book of your choice!

Set contains:

  • Altar Size Cast-Iron Cauldron (approx 3" wide x 3-1/4" high)
  • Box of Nag Champa Stick Incense
  • Altar Pentacle Paten
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Pair of Brass Taper Candle Holders (styles vary)
  • Gold Taper Candle (represents the God)
  • Silver Taper Candle (represents the Goddess)
  • 1 Bottle of Anointing Oil (2 drams)
  • Athame
  • Pentacle Altar Cloth (styles vary)
  • Offering Bowl
  • Altar Bell (styles vary)
  • Incense Burner Plate
  • Your Choice of Wicca Book (select from list)

This kit represents a savings of over $30 versus buying these items separately.

List Price: $115.40
Your Price: $84.95
Elder Futhark Rune Set - Fancy Jasper Runes - Fancy Jasper

Rune set consisting of 25 tumbled, polished fancy jasper gemstones handcrafted with engraved gold-painted lettering.

Jasper is associated with stability, healing, and balancing emotions & stress.

List Price: $22.95
Your Price: $21.95
Bracelet - Chakra Tumbled Stones Bracelet - Chakra Tumbled Stones

This bracelet has a rainbow of colorful tumbled gemstones representing the seven chakras.  Each gemstone measures approximately 1/2" long.  Overall length of bracelet is adjustable from 8" to 9".

Your Price: $12.95
Amulet Pendant - Draca Stella Pentagram (Anne Stokes) Amulet - Draca Stella Pentagram (Anne Stokes) - 2-1/8"

Representing the power of friendship and the good fortune that comes from this union, this gorgeous pendant by artist Anne Stokes depicts golden and silver winged dragons intertwined in an upright pentagram design.

List Price: $32.95
Your Price: $29.95
Herbal Resin Incense - Lakshmi - Money & Prosperity (2.4 oz Jar) Herbal Resin Incense - Lakshmi - Money & Prosperity (2.4 oz Jar)

Exotic ritual incense blend handmade and infused with prayers and mantras for material & spiritual opulence, wealth, success and riches.

This pure herbal resin incense blend contains frankincense, myrrh, copal, bay leaves, sandalwood, lavender, sugar, rosemary, orange peel, cinnamon, rose petals, amber, clove, earth pigments, and scented oil. Certified vegan product.

Incense comes packaged in a recloseable plastic jar, net weight 2.4 ounces. Made in the USA.

List Price: $11.95
Your Price: $10.50
Charm - Celtic Triquetra Heart (Silver) Charm - Celtic Triquetra Heart (Silver)

This adorable charm incorporates the popular celtic triquetra with a heart.   Sterling silver charm measures 1/2" long by 7/16" wide.  Made in the USA.

Popularized by the TV series Charmed, the triquetra can represent the three aspects of the goddess (maiden, mother, and crone), the three domains of earth as defined by celtic legend (sea, earth, and sky), and the aspects of mind, body and spirit.  In the Celtic Christian church, the triquetra is also a symbol of the Holy Trinity (father, son and holy spirit).  The symbol is also sometimes called a triqueta.

List Price: $9.95
Your Price: $9.75
Blank Book - Celtic Pentagram - Spiral Bound (Lined) Blank Book - Celtic Pentagram - Spiral Bound (Lined)

This spiral bound journal has a hand painted, cold-cast resin front cover with a detailed pentagram and celtic knot design and a leather back. Perfect for use as a Book of Shadows, note book, or address book, this book measures approximately 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and features acid-free lined pages.

The pentagram ( pentacle ) represents the balance of spirit and the material world, with the 5 points representing spirit and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The upright pentacle is a common symbol of witch craft and pagan & wiccan faiths. It symbolizes protection, life, and health.

List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $16.50
Ritual Kit - Get What You Want Ritual Kit - Get What You Want

This powerful and easy-to-use ritual kit is designed to bring that which you desire into your life when it may have otherwise proven difficult to attain.  

With a non-denominational ritual written expressly for the magical practices of candle and charm magic, this kit contains a sigil bearing ritual candle charged to aid in drawing that which you desire to you, two different herbal spell mixes, charcoal, two spell pouches, a Ganesh (the Hindu god of happiness, and removal of obstacles) pendant, and detailed instructions on how to perform the ritual and use the included tools.

List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $18.95
Amulet - Sun Triskele - Vision & Change (Pewter) Amulet - Sun Triskele - Vision & Change (Pewter)

In this amulet, a Celtic triskele knot is woven around a circular ring representing the Sun. This is an excellent tool for seeing brightly into all matters and for creation magic to make something or change your life path.

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $5.95
Herbs - Dragon's Blood Resin - 1/2 oz. Herbs - Dragon's Blood Resin - 1/2 oz.

Dragon's Blood is used for protection, energy, banishing, luck, purification, and ending bad habits.  Burn as an incense to increase the potency of a spell. Has strong banishing powers against negative influences and bad habits. A pinch under the mattress is believed to prevent impotency. Used as a form of magickal ink. Carry or sprinkle around the home or place of business to drive away negativity. Carry or wear for good luck.  Also Called: Blood, Blume, Calamus Draco, Dragon's Blood Palm

List Price: $5.95
Your Price: $5.25
Pendant - Standing Celtic Cat - Sterling Silver Pendant - Standing Celtic Cat - Sterling Silver

Celebrate the mystical presence of the cat and its importance in Celtic lore with this beautiful celtic knotwork cat pendant.

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver. Pendant measures approximately 1-3/8" long by 1-1/8" high.

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $47.95
Pocket Heart - Rhodonite (1 Inch ) Pocket Heart - Rhodonite (1")

Small gemstone heart crafted of rhodonite.  Rhodonite is associated with assurance, understanding of cosmic purpose, understanding of new concepts & teachings, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, peace, happiness, laughter, joy, strength against vulnerability, harmony in relationships, and enabling change.  Measures 1" -- perfect to carry in the pocket or use in poppets & charm bags.

Your Price: $3.00

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