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Amulet - Cunning Heart for Romantic Love (Alchemy Gothic)
Amulet - Cunning Heart for Romantic Love (Alchemy Gothic)
Your Price: $32.95

A white witch’s talismanic hex for the attraction and protection of romantic love - the cunning, folkloric combination of the symbols for a heart and a pentagram, to attract powerful, positive spirits.

This fine English pewter amulet pendant from Alchemy Gothic measures a large 2.17" high by 1.69" wide. Comes with a delicate 21" trace necklace chain.
Bag - Lo Scarabeo Cat Satin Pouch (6" x 9")
Bag - Lo Scarabeo Cat Satin Pouch (6" x 9")
List Price: $13.95
Your Price: $12.50

This beautiful satin pouch can be used to store and transport valuables of all kinds—jewelry, keepsakes, crystals, runes, pendulums, decks, and more. Also makes a great gift bag!  The bag depicts cat imagery from the Lo Scarabeo CatTarot deck by Eschenazi & Cammarano, specifically a cat queen seated on a throne with a scepter in hand and playful kittens at her feet.  

Bag measures approximately 6" wide by 9" high.  This is large enough to hold two standard size tarot decks or a variety of other treasures.
Book  Astrology for Beginners - Hampar
Book: Astrology for Beginners - Hampar
List Price: $14.95
Your Price: $13.45

Learn the basics of astrology in one easy-to-read book! Getting a glimpse of your own astrological chart isn't a challenge these days. The tough part is finding meaning in this complex diagram of symbols.  In Astrology for Beginners, Joann Hampar shows that interpreting your birth chart is actually easy. Emphasizing a practical approach, this step-by-step guide takes you effortlessly through the language of astrological symbols. As each chapter unfolds, a new realm of your horoscope will be revealed, including chart patterns, zodiac signs, houses, planets, and aspects. By the last lesson, you'll be able to read and interpret your chart-what originally looked like a jumble of symbols-and gain valuable insight into yourself and others.  

Paperback, 199 pages.
Book:  Book of Celtic Magic - Transformative Teachings from the Cauldron of Awen - Kristoffer Hughes
Book: Book of Celtic Magic - Hughes
List Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.99

Delve into the depths of a magical current that spans over two thousand years. The Book of Celtic Magic provides the unsurpassed power of practical magic and the transformative forces of ancient Celtica.

Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes invites you to explore the pantheon, myths, and magic of his native Wales. Discover the magical allies, the gods and goddesses, and the spirits of place that form the foundation of this vibrant tradition. Practice rituals that draw you closer to the divine energy of the trees, plants, and animals that surround you. Work with spells, conjurations, invocations, and magical tools that have been developed and refined from genuine Celtic sources. Complete with exercises and a glossary of terms, this step-by-step guide is a definitive source of authentic Celtic magic.

Paperback, 360 pages.
Book:  Book of Crystal Spells - Magical Uses for Stones, Crystals, Minerals and Even Sand - Ember Grant
Book: Book of Crystal Spells - Grant
List Price: $16.99
Your Price: $15.29

Discover dozens of spells that you can use for health, love, home and garden, problem solving, dreams, and more. With hands-on spells, rituals, grids, and other magical methods, The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant is an in-depth guide to using stones in creative ways. Topics include:
  • Tips on cleansing & charging stones
  • Learning to craft magical jewelry, amulets & talismans
  • Incorporating numerology, meditations, elixirs & crystal grids in your spellwork
  • Expanding your magic practice using glass, sand, metals, quartz crystal points, and more
Increase your knowledge of crystal spells with accessible exercises and extensive appendices and correspondences. Whether a beginner or expert, take your magic to a higher level with the magic of stones that give you access to the energetic connection between you and the universe.

Paperback, 264 pages.
Book:  The Book of Kitchen Witchery - Cerridwen Greenleaf
Book: Book of Kitchen Witchery - Greenleaf
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $17.96

Turn your kitchen into a pagan power center using herbs, crystals, and spells for health, wealth, love, and happiness. Are you seeking more contentment in your daily life? Could you use more money to improve home and hearth? Are you looking for ways to spice up your love life? This gorgeously illustrated book will greatly enhance your every day with secrets, spells, and witchy wisdom, passed down through many generations and collected in one place for the first time by bestselling author Cerridwen Greenleaf.

Filled with recipes and rituals, The Book of Kitchen Witchery explores every aspect of “the good life” - from how to create an altar as your personal power center to which herbs and plants have properties to heal and how to cook enchanting meals for all occasions, along with green Wicca ways to grow your own Garden of Eden. The kitchen of a witch is a thing to behold—a sacred space where good health, abundance, luck, and love can be conjured. The author has gathered her years of spellcraft in this vibrant volume containing everything you need to know to increase your bliss quotient. She includes meditations, charms, folk wisdom, and incantations along with instructive lore covering astrological aspects, phases of the moon, candle color alchemy, and exactly which domestic goddesses to invoke. The inspired ideas in this practical guide will empower you to create a happy home filled with the best kind of magic.

Paperback, 144 pages.
Book:  Color Magic for Beginners - Webster
Book: Color Magic for Beginners - Webster
List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $13.50

In Color Magic for Beginners, Richard Webster offers an astonishing number of ways to use color to your advantage.

Webster begins with an overall picture of each color's major aspects - its psychological influence, healing qualities, emotional impact, and magical characteristics.  From there, readers learn a multitude of color-based techniques involving astrology, the aura, candle magic, chakras, color rituals, crystals and gemstones, feng shui, flower magic, mandalas, meditation, numerology, and visualization.  Learn how color can be used to attract good luck, heal illness, reduce stress, create harmony in the home, overcome depression, solve problems, and magically enhance one's life in a variety of ways.

Paperback, 264 pages.
Book:  Dowsing for Beginners - Webster
Book: Dowsing for Beginners - Webster
List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $13.50

You can easily locate water, coins, artifacts, lost objects—even missing people—when you follow the simple instructions in this divination book.  

Dowsing for Beginners teaches the use of dowsing -  tools:  angle rods, divining rods, pendulums, wands, and even your own hands and body.  The book also includes clear, detailed instructions that show you how to dowse for anything at all, anywhere in the world.

Paperback, 240 pages.
Book:  The Druid Magic Handbook - Ritual Magic Rooted in the Living Earth - John Michael Greer
Book: Druid Magic Handbook - Greer
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $17.96

The Druid Magic Handbook is the first manual of magical practice in Druidry, one of the fastest growing branches of the Pagan movement. The first and only Druidic book of spells, rituals, and practice, this book breaks new ground, teaching Druids how to practice ritual magic for practical and spiritual goals within their own tradition.

What sets The Druid Magic Handbook apart is that it does not require the reader to use a particular pantheon or set of symbols. Although it presents one drawn from Welsh Druid tradition, it also shows the reader how to adapt rites and other practices to fit the deities and symbols most meaningful to them. This cutting edge system of ritual magic can be used by Druids, Pagans, Christians, and Thelemites alike!

Paperback, 288 pages. Foreword by David Spangler.
Book:  The Druidry Handbook - Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth - John Michael Greer
Book: Druidry Handbook - Greer
List Price: $21.95
Your Price: $19.76

A living tradition of nature spirituality rooted in Celtic antiquity and revived to meet the challenges of contemporary life, Druidry offers people a path of harmony through reconnection with the green Earth.

The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth is the first hands-on manual of traditional British Druid practice that explores the Sun Path of seasonal celebration, the Moon Path of meditation, and the Earth Path of living in harmony with nature as tools for crafting an earth-honoring life here and now. From ritual and meditation to nature awareness and ecological action, John Michael Greer opens the door to a spirituality rooted in the living Earth.

Featuring a mix of philosophy, rituals, spiritual practice, and lifestyle issues, The Druidry Handbook is one-stop shopping for those seriously interested in practicing a traditional form of Druidry. It offers equal value to eclectics and solitary practitioners eager to incorporate more earth-spirituality into their own belief system; it also appeals to the merely curious. While there are plenty of Druid books on the market, few offer the accessibility and practical how-to instruction found in The Druidry Handbook.

Paperback, 288 pages.
Book:  Everyday Psychic Defense - Cassandra Eason
Book: Everyday Psychic Defense - Eason
List Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.99

Protect yourself and your loved ones with easy and effective magic.  Everyday Psychic Defense - White Magic for Dark Moments by Cassandra Eason provides everything you need to feel more confident and secure against negative influences, including curses, evil or restless spirits, and emotionally draining people or situations.

Discover how to detect and deflect free-floating negativity, send deliberate malice back to its source, and cast protections around your home, family, workspace, and valuables all without damaging your karma. 

Paperback, 360 pages.
Book:  Garden Witch's Herbal - Green Magick, Herbalism & Spirituality - Ellen Dugan
Book: Garden Witch's Herbal - Dugan
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $17.96

Every Witch needs a little corner of the world to tend. Deepen your connection to the earth and watch your magickal skills blossom. A charming hands-on guide to green magick and spirituality, Garden Witch's Herbal by Ellen Dugan presents a variety of ways to honor and work with the plant kingdom. Designed to enhance any tradition or style of the Craft, this handy herbal reference provides the physical description, folklore, magickal qualities, and spellwork correspondences for a wealth of flowers, trees, and herbs, and features forty-seven botanical drawings. Topics include:
  • Conjuring a Garden with Heart
  • Green Witchery in the City
  • Wildflowers and Witchery
  • Magick of the Hedgerows
  • The Magick and Folklore of Trees
  • Gothic Herbs and Forbidden Plants
  • Herbs and Plants of the Sabbats
  • Herbs of the Stars
  • Magickal Herbalism
Paperback, 336 pages.
Book:  The Goodly Spellbook - Olde Spells for Modern Problems - Lady Passion
Book: Goodly Spellbook - Lady Passion
List Price: $14.95
Your Price: $13.46

This is not your average mystical tome—but a special spellbook by two practicing witches.

The Goodly Spellbook - Olde Spells for Modern Problems thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. Delightfully well written and practical, filled with atmospheric illustrations and diagrams throughout, it encompasses all the principles and philosophy of spell casting, and gives recipes for charms to solve common contemporary problems. This offers what most witchcraft and Wicca books don't: an in-depth understanding of what's behind the spells and why they work. It's amazing how much magic is in here: Geomancy, Elemental Scrying, Tree Divination, Mystic Dance and Drumming, Kitchen Witchery, and lots more. From healing, protection, and attraction spells to spells for discernment, repulsion, and concealing, not a topic goes uncovered.

Paperback, 512 pages.
Book:  Grovedaughter Witchery: Practical Spellcraft - Bree NicGarran
Book: Grovedaughter Witchery - NicGarran
List Price: $18.95
Your Price: $17.06

For the witch whose town is devoid of occult shops and covens, learning the craft can be a daunting task indeed. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for a budding practitioner to make a start.

Stroll down the forest path with Bree NicGarran and discover the surprising ways you can practice your craft with commonplace items from the supermarket and the craft store. Build a travel kit for on-the-go magic. Create your own spells from scratch with a step-by-step guide. Learn how to make your own witch webs and magical powders. Uncover the secrets of walnut charms and witchballs and much, much more. Every page carries tricks of the trade and homegrown charms from the files of the Grovedaughter herself.

From besoms to banishings to a bit of good advice, Grovedaughter Witchery is the ideal book for any witch with an inclination toward a practical, no-frills approach to witchcraft.

Paperback, 214 pages.
Book:  Magic When You Need It - 150 Spells You Can't Live Without - Judika Illes
Book: Magic When You Need It - Illes
List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $15.26

Many spells and charms can take days or even weeks to complete. In Magic When You Need It, Judika Illes offers a collection of super-powered magic to help you right now. Is your career in a slump? Are you being visited by ghosts? Short on cash? Magic When You Need It can help with these problems and more.

Divided into four sections: Money and Career; Love, Sex, Marriage, and Children; Home; and Trouble, Magic When You Need It offers 150 spells to help you find a job, meet your soul mate, protect your home, and many more common (and not so common) predicaments. Using simple instructions and ingredients that can be found in your pantry, combined with easy to find magical oils and botanicals, Illes blends Old World and modern magic to provide the reader with safe, effective magical remedies for many of life's troubles. Carry this book in your purse, your car, or keep it on your kitchen counter for accessible magic year round.

Paperback, 180 pages.
Book:  Meditation for Beginners - Clement
Book: Meditation for Beginners - Clement
List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $13.50

Some people think meditation is something that takes years to learn. The truth is, it's a very natural state of awareness that can be developed in just a few minutes each day.

This guide can help you discover the meditation method that works best for you and learn how to use meditation to develop concentration, focus your attention, relax your body and mind quickly and easily, break habits, identify personal goals and aspirations, and more!

Paperback, 264 pages.  Bibliography, index, glossary.
Book:  Numerology for Beginners - Bauer
Book: Numerology for Beginners - Bauer
List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $13.50

Get fresh new insight into your personality, energy cycles, and future with numerology.  Numerology can answer dozens of questions about character traits, upcoming opportunities, careers, and relationships—all you need is a name, a birth date, and this book!  Within minutes, you can learn how to use the numbers 1 through 9 to calculate the energy vibrations around almost anything in your life—from love to the lottery.  You can also determine in advance what sort of opportunities are in your future.

Paperback, 336 pages.
Book:  Scrying for Beginners - Tyson
Book: Scrying for Beginners - Tyson
List Price: $16.99
Your Price: $15.29

Scrying for Beginners is for anyone who longs to sit down before the mirror or crystal and lift the rolling grey clouds that obscure their depths. Scrying is a psychological technique to deliberately acquire information by extrasensory means through the unconscious mind. This easy-to-read, practical guide provides dozens of different ideas and methods of divination and awareness.  See more of the world around you by opening yourself up inside.  

Paperback, 293 pages.
Bracelet - Alchemy Gothic Gaelic Plait Leather Band with Pewter Pentagram Closure
Bracelet - Alchemy Gothic Gaelic Plait Pentragram Band
Your Price: $24.95

This subtle bracelet from Alchemy Gothic consists of a black leather hand-plaited wristband with a fine English pewter pentagram button closure.

Approximate Dimensions: Width 8.9" x Height 0.71".
CatTarot Deck - Eschenazi & Cammarano
CatTarot Deck - Eschenazi & Cammarano
List Price: $22.95
Your Price: $20.65

Discover a world much like our own, where iconic people from history and literature come to life—not as humans, but as cats!  Will you face the rage of Genghis Cat or be seduced by Catlyn Monroe?  Will you fall in love with Cyrano de Bergecat or traverse new worlds alongside Christopher Catlumbus?  With incredible artwork to bring each persona to life, the CatTarot deck invites you to take a wondrous journey of enlightenment through a fabulous feline dimension.

78 card deck with instruction sheet.
Cauldron - Colored Cast Iron Potbelly Small - BLUE - 3 Inch
Cauldron - Colored Cast Iron Potbelly Small - BLUE (3")
List Price: $17.95
Your Price: $16.95

This colorful blue three legged potbelly style cauldron is made of cast iron and features a built-in handle & matching lid.  Cauldron measures approximately 3" high by 2-3/4" wide. 

Small but versatile, this portable cauldron makes a great vessel for burning cone incense, self-lighting incense powders, and charcoal-burning resin incenses and scented oils.  Also perfect for scrying (when filled with water), holding small items, or housing small plants.
This cauldron is NOT suitable for food use.
Chalice - Alchemy Gothic Ruah Vered Pentagram Goblet (5.5 Inch) - Stainless Steel & Pewter
Chalice - Alchemy Gothic Ruah Vered Pentagram Goblet (5-1/2")
Your Price: $59.95

A truly powerful sentiment, the fifth element, the spirit and the 'Breath of Life' or pentagram, combined with the sensual rose of love, toasting health, harmony and passion. This 5-1/2" (140mm) tall, 8oz (225ml) capacity, polished stainless steel chalice from Alchemy Gothic features a pewter pentagram on the base, a thorned rose stem twisting round the stem and a magical rose-pentagram badge on the bowl. Safe for food & drink use.

Approximate Dimensions: 5.5" High x 2.56" Wide
Chalice - Celtic Unicorn (7-1/2 Inch )
Chalice - Celtic Unicorn (7-1/2")
List Price: $33.95
Your Price: $30.00

This wonderful ritual tool has been carefully sculpted with interwoven Celtic designs, purple jewel accents and majestic unicorns.  This chalice makes a beautiful addition to rituals, spells, and ceremonies.

Measuring approximately 7-1/2" high by 3-1/2" in diameter, this chalice has a removable stainless steel cup to make cleaning a breeze.  Hand wash only.
Scented Cone Incense - HEM Aloe Vera (Box of 10 Cones)
Cone Incense - HEM Aloe Vera (Box of 10 Cones)
List Price: $1.95
Your Price: $1.75

This is a 10 pack of high quality Aloe Vera cone incense from HEM.  Light these cones to bring the scent of Aloe Vera to your home or sacred space.  

Aloe Vera is traditionally associated with protection, luck, peaceful energy, relief from loneliness, and attaining success.

These richly scented incense cones are handcrafted using a blend of natural ingredients and fragrant traditional oils to enliven your surroundings.  Each box contains 10 incense cones plus a a small metal stand.
Earrings - Ouija Planchette Studs - Pewter with Acrylic Taxidermal Eyes (Alchemy Gothic)
Earrings - Ouija Planchette Studs (Alchemy Gothic)
Your Price: $36.95

The planchette is technology from the 19th century séance; a spiritualist’s device for communicating with the dead through the ‘talking board’, and discovering mysteries on the other side… ICU!

This unique set of pewter earrings by Alchemy Gothic is shaped as a set of planchettes (ouija pointers) dangling from studs set with realistic acrylic taxidermal eyes. One planchette is decorated with the word 'YES' and a sun, the other with the word 'NO' and a moon. The earrings are set with surgical steel posts.

Earrings measure approximately 1.5" long by .63" wide.
Earrings - Viennese Night Bat Studs - Pewter with Black Crystal Bodies (Alchemy Gothic)
Earrings - Viennese Night Bat Studs (Alchemy Gothic)
Your Price: $24.95

With a sparkling body of dark, faceted crystals, the quintessential creature of the night in Europe's fabulous den of iniquity.

This pair of pewter stud earrings by Alchemy Gothic has the form of small, stylized bats with vesica-shaped black diamond-cut Swarovski crystal bodies. The earrings have surgical steel ear posts.

Earrings measure approximately 0.51" long by 0.87" wide.
Enameled Metal Mini Wall Sign - I Wear Too Much Black Said No One Ever (Alchemy Gothic)
Enameled Metal Mini Wall Sign - I Wear Too Much Black (Alchemy Gothic)
Your Price: $6.95

This mini wall hanging from the artists of the Alchemy studios reads "I Wear Too Much Black Said No One Ever" and is adorned with black winged angel/goddess. Pre-strung with sisal twine for easy hanging. Approximate Dimensions: Height 2.6" x Width 3.5".

Enameled metal sign produced under license in the UK by The Original Metal Sign Co.

Fragrance Oil - Arabian Musk (1/2 fl oz)
Fragrance Oil - Arabian Musk (1/2 fl oz)
Your Price: $2.95

Arabian Musk scented home fragrance oil for use in potpourri, oil diffusers, and aroma lamps.  

Oil comes in a 1/2 ounce glass bottle with a brushed silver cap.
Fragrance Oil - Egyptian Musk (1/2 fl oz)
Fragrance Oil - Egyptian Musk (1/2 fl oz)
Your Price: $2.95

Egyptian Musk scented home fragrance oil for use in potpourri, oil diffusers, and aroma lamps.  

Oil comes in a 1/2 ounce glass bottle with a brushed silver cap.
Fragrance Oil - Lilac (1/2 fl oz)
Fragrance Oil - Lilac (1/2 fl oz)
Your Price: $2.95

Lilac flower scented home fragrance oil for use in potpourri, oil diffusers, and aroma lamps.  

Oil comes in a 1/2 ounce glass bottle with a brushed silver cap.