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Lodestone Food - 4 oz. Lodestone Food - 4 oz.

Lodestone food is often used with charm bags and ritual magic as an offering to a lodestone to help fuel the magick that the lodestone is used for. Frequently offered daily, the iron filings are believed to help empower your lodestone and your magic, ensuring continued good luck, prosperity, and healing.  This is a 4 oz bag of Lodestone Food.

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Lodestone Food - Metallic Gold Magnetic Sand - 1 oz. Lodestone Food - Metallic Gold for Money & Prosperity - 1 oz.

Lodestones, traditionally "fed" with iron filings on a regular basis, can also take hold of any magnetic material. This 1 ounce packet of golden magnetic sand can be used in place of ordinary iron fillings with your lodestone, particularly for use in spells having to do with money, wealth, prosperity or finances.  Use it with lodestones as part of a charm, gris gris bag, mojo bag, or any spell or ritual.

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Lodestone Natural Lodestone Natural

Lodestones have been used for centuries within magic to charge spell items and attract positive forces to the one using them. As natural magnets, they are often used in pairs, with one used to repel bad luck while the other is used to attract the good. Place them upon your altar or in a gris gris or mojo bag and feed daily with lodestone food to help empower your spells and magic.

NOTE: Natural lodestones often come in small pieces

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