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Amulet - Sun Triskele - Vision & Change (Pewter) Amulet - Sun Triskele - Vision & Change (Pewter)

In this amulet, a Celtic triskele knot is woven around a circular ring representing the Sun. This is an excellent tool for seeing brightly into all matters and for creation magic to make something or change your life path.

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $5.95
Amulet Pendant - Duos Celtica for Triumph & Success (Anne Stokes) - 2" Amulet - Duos Celtica for Triumph & Success (Anne Stokes) - 2"

This wonderfully bold pendant by artist Anne Stokes depicts two winged dragons perched atop a Celtic cross.  This amulet is designed to assist the wearer with triumph, success and winning in love and life.  

List Price: $29.95
Your Price: $27.95
Wall Hanging - Cat with Celtic Pentacle Moon (7-1/2 Inch ) Wall Hanging - Cat with Celtic Pentacle Moon (7-1/2")

This marvelous cold-cast resin wall hanging is hand painted in the tones of the forest, with muted greens and rustic brown highlights playing perfectly into the knotted designs and brighter green leaves that frame the whole design.  At its center rests a pentagram seemingly woven around a crescent moon marked with its own pattern of Celtic knotwork.  At the heart of the design resides a black cat, sitting in the curve of the moon and looking out upon the world.  

Measuring 7-1/2" in diameter, this wall plaque can easily fit into the home or altar of any nature lover or friend of felines.

List Price: $24.95
Your Price: $24.00
Book:  Cunningham's Magical Sampler - Scott Cunningham Book: Cunningham's Magical Sampler - Cunningham

Find the knowledge and inspiration you desire with this collection of Scott Cunningham’s spells, essays, and rituals - collected for the first time from his best contributions to Llewellyn’s early Magical Almanacs.  Delight in Scott Cunningham’s timeless wisdom on popular topics such as the Sabbats, protection magic, moon spells, and herbal remedies.

New and longtime fans will marvel at Cunningham’s ability to breathe magical life into such unique topics as tattooing, the divine history of sneezing, dressing with power, Greek oracles, birds of the deities, the magic of shells, and more. Well known for perfecting his spells and rituals through experimentation before publishing them, Cunningham wrote with unmatched simplicity and grace. His words in this collection are sure to inspire you on your path to an enchanted life.

Paperback, 264 pages.

List Price: $12.99
Your Price: $11.69
Amulet Pendant - Draca Stella Pentagram (Anne Stokes) Amulet - Draca Stella Pentagram (Anne Stokes) - 2-1/8"

Representing the power of friendship and the good fortune that comes from this union, this gorgeous pendant by artist Anne Stokes depicts golden and silver winged dragons intertwined in an upright pentagram design.

List Price: $32.95
Your Price: $29.95
Rough Gemstone - Blue Calcite Rough Gemstone - Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is associated with luck, money, problem resolution, gambling, healing, creativity, business success, and attracting love.  Each gemstone measures approximately 3/4" to 1" long.  Price is per stone.

Your Price: $0.65
Amulet - Saturn Seal of Protection Amulet - Saturn Seal of Protection

Saturn Seal of Protection amulet for powerful protection against all forms of evil, hexing, curses, bad fortune and all enemies.

List Price: $7.95
Your Price: $7.50
Pendant - Tatiana's Garden Triple Moon with Sunflower - Deva Designs Pendant - Tatiana's Garden Triple Moon with Sunflower

Tatiana's Garden pendants contain tiny fairy-sized REAL flowers specially grown in miniature then captured in a handmade pendant to protect their delicate natural beauty for all time.  Pendant is crafted of silver-plated brass in the form of a triple moon with a botanical accent in the full moon.  

This pendant contains a miniature sunflower.  In magickal folklore, sunflowers are associated with energy, protection, power, wisdom, and wishes.  The triple moon represents the moon in its waning, full and waxing stages and is symbolic of the goddess in her forms of maiden, mother and crone.

Pendant measures approximately 1-1/8" wide by 5/8" high (excluding bail) and is presented on an attractive informational display card.  Made (and grown!) in the USA.

List Price: $28.95
Your Price: $27.95
Amulet - Familiar's Love Amulet - Familiar's Love

Whether of spirit or of flesh, a familiar can be the greatest friend and closest ally to a practitioner of the craft.  This amulet celebrates the bond between master and familiar and encourages deeper connection and truer communication.

List Price: $5.95
Your Price: $5.50
Elder Futhark Rune Set - Fancy Jasper Runes - Fancy Jasper

Rune set consisting of 25 tumbled, polished fancy jasper gemstones handcrafted with engraved gold-painted lettering.

Jasper is associated with stability, healing, and balancing emotions & stress.

List Price: $22.95
Your Price: $21.95
Ring - Pentagram - Silver Ring - Pentagram - Silver

Sterling silver interwoven pentagram ring symbolizes protection, life, and health. Sold in sizes 5 through 12. Please note that sizes 11 and 12 are custom orders and cost $10 extra.

Comes with story card and gift box. Made in the USA by Jane Iris Designs.

Your Price: $40.00
Amulet - Gnostic Amulet - Gnostic

The Gnostic symbols on this amulet give the wearer good health, love, strength, wealth and protection from evil.  

List Price: $7.95
Your Price: $7.50
Charm - Fairie/Elven Star (Silver) Charm - Fairie/Elven Star (Silver)

The Fairy Star, also known as the Elven Star, is considered one of the entrances to the Fairie Realm.  Each point represents a pathway or the 7 rays of manifestation of the higher self.  Fairy Star charm measures 1/2" diameter.

List Price: $10.95
Your Price: $10.75
Pendant - Dolphin Trinity (Pewter) Pendant - Dolphin Trinity (Pewter)

This round pendant depicts 3 large dolphins and 6 small dolphins surrounding a central faceted black crystal. Tiny waves and suns complete the design. Dolphins are associated with peace and harmony.

Pewter pendant measures approximately 1-1/2" diameter, with an overall length of 2" including the bale. Pendant comes with a matching necklace chain that adjusts from 24" to 26" in length.

List Price: $12.95
Your Price: $12.50
Fragrance Oil - Nag Champa Flora (1/2 fl oz) Fragrance Oil - Nag Champa Flora (1/2 fl oz)

Nag Champa Flora scented home fragrance oil for use in potpourri, oil diffusers, and aroma lamps.  Oil comes in a 1/2 ounce glass bottle with a brushed silver cap.

Your Price: $2.95

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