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Featured Products

Pendant - Fairy/Elven Seven Point Star (Silver) Pendant - Fairy/Elven Star (Silver)
List Price: $30.00
Your Price: $28.00
Tealight Candle Holder - Rose Pentagram (12 Inch) Tealight Candle Holder - Rose Pentagram (12")
List Price: $34.95
Your Price: $32.95
Seven Chakra Gemstone Rings & Copper Pendulum - Rainbow of Colors Pendulum - Chakra Gemstone Rings with Copper
List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $16.50
Quick and Easy Tarot Deck - Lytle Quick and Easy Tarot Deck - Lytle
List Price: $21.95
Your Price: $19.76
Easy Tarot (Deck & Book) - Ellershaw/Marchetti Easy Tarot (Deck & Book) - Ellershaw/Marchetti
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $17.96
Amulet - Gnostic Amulet - Gnostic
List Price: $7.95
Your Price: $7.50
Pendant - Celtic Triquetra - Solid (Pewter) with Necklace Cord Pendant - Celtic Triquetra - Solid (Pewter)
List Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.95
Pendulum - Egyptian Bronze Thoth with Ankh - Divination Tools Pendulum - Bronze Thoth with Ankh
List Price: $25.00
Your Price: $24.00
Wall Hanging - Woodland Cross Dragon by Anne Stokes Wall Hanging - Woodland Cross Dragon (9")
List Price: $38.95
Your Price: $36.00

The Magickal Cat

First established in 2002, The Magickal Cat is a family owned & operated online store located in Massachusetts. We have shipped to over 62,000 customers located in more than 50 countries worldwide. Though we focus on the pagan and wiccan community, our customers are not exclusively pagan. We carry a wide variety of goods (incense, candles, celtic & fairy jewelry, etc.) that appeal to pagans & non-pagans alike. We even have customers in non-pagan churches that come to us for incense...

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