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Cat Writing in Book of Shadows - The Magickal Cat Customer Comments & Testimonials

"Just want to let you know that my package arrived today. Thank you so much, I'm super pleased with my order!! Have a great weekend!" - D.C., 11/12/2016

"good morning thank you for filling my order in such a timely fashion that is very much appreciated. I look forward to receiving my items and to be returning to your site to purchase more in the very near future." - C.R., 11/01/2016

"Thank you so much for my order! Everything was packaged well and came quickly! I will order again!" - E.S., 10/30/2016

"I really love your products. I got my crystal ball and incense shipped much earlier than expected!! And the crystal ball is adorable! I will definitely buy from here again." - V.L., 10/27/2016

"I count on you at The Magickal Cat for my magical supplies and you have always come through! Thank you!" - V.S., 10/25/2016

"I am really very happy with the amulet, it's a good surprise, sending in a very discreet package, thank you to you!" - P.D., 10/22/2016

"Thanks! You guys are always so fast! :)" - D.G., 10/18/2016

"Wanted to tell you that was the fastest mailing I ever got in my life got my prouducts today so loved them so much thank you so much.Have a wonderful amazing weekend I will continue to shop here love it and love how you respond even to letters bless you
" - M.L., 10/08/2016

"Loved my order, super fast delivery and great prices. My items were beautiful. I will order from again and recommend <3" - S.O., 09/29/2016

"Thank you so much for the quick ship, I received my items yesterday and couldn't be happier, I will defiantly be ordering from you again!!!" - J.F., 09/23/2016

"Just got the pentacle earrings I ordered and I love them! They're so pretty and got here fast. I will definitely be ordering again!" - R.W., 09/01/2016

"Hello, I received my stand yesterday and it is so beautiful and well made. My sphere fits beautifully in it. I had looked for one large enough for quite a while and it seemed the stronger they were, the more unattractive they were. I am so happy I found your site. Thank you for the speedy delivery and excellent packaging. I attached a picture of it. I am thrilled! Thank you" - J.F., 08/25/2016

"All items are received. Exactly what I wanted and they're perfect. Thank you" - N.A., 08/19/2016

"My order arrived yesterday!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Great service! In Peace" - E.H., 08/12/2016

"I just want to thank for not only the great quality of your products BUT also for how quickly you processed my order.....I will remain a loyal customer of yours and will recommend you to every one....Again thank you Blessed Be" - R.I., 07/24/2016

"I have placed 2 orders with your company, both for 4 inch chime candles (red). I wanted to thank you for the prompt processing and shipping of my orders. I am also impressed with the quality of your candles and the consistency from order to order. I placed a similar order with my usual supplier 2 months ago, and it still hasn't shipped yet! I will continue to order supplies from you in the future. Thanks again" - A.D., 07/09/2016

"My products are arrived today. Very fast shipping and very good package. Thanks
" - A.B., 05/12/2016

Just received my orders yesterday , Soooo Happy with them!!! :-) Thank you ! Blessed Be ~" - S.M., 05/05/2016

"Thank you very much for the fast shipping, excellent customer service and I can't express myself. Truly grateful for finding your website. I can feel that it. . . . is slowly coming to effect. Thank you very very much." - D.S., 04/11/2016

"I am a first time customer who is EXTREMELY pleased with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!I got my order in under three days!!!!!!!!!! I will be returning monthly you can be sure of this!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for the promptness,the great selection,and the detail to packing!!!!" - S.S., 04/01/2016

"I just placed my first order with you a little while ago. I can't remember when ordering from a company has been SO EASY and FAST...Certainly not anytime in the last few years, in my experience....Thank you!" - R.C., 03/02/2016

"Thank you so much:) great website by the way, very easy to navigate through, I found what I was looking for immediately with no problems." - K.G., 02/26/2016

"I know u all probably dont get Thank-you letters but heres one. I bought this mug for me and my husbands one year wedding anniversary. Ive never seen him cry happy tears so much as when he opened this! He told me that he has ALWAYS wanted something from you all and has never been able to. Untill now.....So Thank-you so much for making our first anniversary one to remember!!!!! Blessed Be!!" - E.R., 02/19/2016

"I love shopping with you and will definitely be shopping here again. I am delighted with my recent purchase and the speedy delivery to the Uk.. Thank you Ll&b" - W.B., 02/18/2016

"Absolutely loved my first order from this company, so I had to come back an shop again...." - D.D., 01/22/2016

"Hi, got my items today. Great. Fast delivery, I wanted to leave you Feed back, put this was my first online order and I don't know how So I give you eXcellent feed back and excellent delivEry." - L.M., 01/15/2016

"Good day, Thank you so much for your website, I was quite lost when it comes to certain herbs and other websites get confused between their common name and the proper scientific name believing that one herb eg, St Johns wort is common basil, and that boneset and comfrey are two seperate plants..(and far worse) I am grateful for your expertise. Please keep up the good work. Best wishes" - M.R., 01/06/2016

"I LOVE everything I ordered! I am amazed at the great quality of the the products and how quick I received my order! Customer for life here!" - B.M., 12/07/2015

"Package arrived much sooner than anticipated and the small posters and necklace/amulet are fantastic - shout it to the world. Thanks!
\m/" - B.H., 12/05/2015

"I loved the experience of shopping on this site! The selection was overwhelmingly helpful! Have a nice day!" - N.R., 11/18/2015

"I absolutely love ordering from you.. I have ordered from you twice and both times I received my order within days.. and the care you guys take with the package is so nice.. with you carefully wrapping things .. I will ALWAYS order from you.. and tell all my friends about you.. TY for all you do for us.. Blessed Be" - H.A., 10/29/2015

I recieved my crystals in the mail today and i was jumping for joy!! They were larger than expected and were buzzing with such positive energy! Im so glad i ordered them." - M.C., 10/22/2015

"I just wanted to let your company know that your doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, and have a fantastic year." - T.F., 10/19/2015

"Love all my awesome Items thank u all much !!!!! can't wait to place another order next month. Blessed Be" - M.P., 10/09/2015

"You people have changed my life!! I can't tell you how much I love your products and they really work! We have an idiot in the hood who loves voodoo and steals energy. You have helped me to stop him cold! He has done so much to hurt us and your protection incenses and sigils really stopped his evil. We are back to being happier and living in peace. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! May God and Goddess bless you always!" - K.E., 10/06/2015

"Mabon Greetings!!.. I had been Wiccan Website browsing and had run across the Magickal Cat site. I thoroughly browsed through all of your items and was really impressed. Although I have not purchased anything from your store yet, my sister was wanting to cleanse her home and property soon as she thinks she has a negative energy attached to her. I said I think I can help!! I invited her over to my house and showed her your items, and she purchased a bunch of items to cleanse her home, and also purchased your four Archangel talisman. Although she is a Christian, she absoutley loves your products!! She swore to me last night since she has been wearing the Angel talisman and a St. Christopher medallion, she has been feeling a lot better!! She wanted me to 'Thank You'!! I, myself will definitely purchase your products in the future. Blessed Be, Happy Mabon, and Thank you!!" - M.B., 10/03/2015

"I love your online store and thank you for the best selection. I am always led to your site and find exactly what I need." - S.G., 09/21/2015

"You always send me great, potent and beautiful items. I hope that you can feel my gratitude. I look forward to shopping again in a few weeks. I am very happy to be a customer : ). Again, THANK YOU/MAGIKAL CAT FOR EVERYTHING! Continued Abundant Blessings" - G.B., 09/15/2015

"I received my item today..It is so much more than What I expected!!! thank you so so so much :) I'll definitely be continuing shopping from your store! I love it!" - C.C., 07/23/2015

"I live in Norway and the shipping not only is affordable it is rediculously quick. I'm amazed at how fast I get my orders." - J.C., 07/17/2015

"The Magickal Cat is an awesome place to shop. There is a big selection and reasonable prices. Fastest delivery ever. Thank for an amazing fun shopping experience." - D.H., 06/29/2015

"I just received my anklets. Thank you for their fine quality and fair prices. I will definitely shop this site often. As I say, in the bonds." - P.D., 07/02/2015

"The Magickal Cat is an awesome place to shop. There is a big selection and reasonable prices. Fastest delivery ever. Thank for an amazing fun shopping experience." - D.H., 06/29/2015

"just wanted to say that I love the things I have ordered. they are amazing. great products. I will be ordering all my stuff from you. you ship everything in a timely matter. and take great care with packaging them as well. I have even posted on my facebook page about your site. I know a lot of people who would love your site and wanted to check it out. thank you for everything you do. you run a great shop. and sometimes that's very hard to find" - S.A., 06/24/2015

"I received my order today. I am elated and extremely happy with the items I received. Thank you so much! Hope to order from you again in the near future. Have a great day!" - T.H., 05/04/2015

"Just wanted to remind you all that your website is amazing! It's not only welcoming but absolutely fast and efficient. I'm going crazy with ordering." - M.H., 05/01/2015

"Love this store and the many products available, thank you!" - A.S., 04/27/2015

"I really love your site. Your selection is awesome, and the quality of the products you sell is excellent. I'm also delighted at how quickly you get my orders to me. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks and blessed be!" - B.R., 04/24/2015

"I wanted to take a moment to give thanks and express my gratitude. My first order came only four days after being placed. The products I purchased were even better than I had expected. Packaging had been given attentive care. Shipping took only a few days. Also, as I am a IT person , I see lots of websites that don't work very well, but was very pleased with yours as I found it to be secure, intuitive, and easy to navigate. All in all, a great consumer experience. Thanks for putting what is obviously a lot of care into what you do. I will be finding more wonderful items to accentuate my pagan lifestyle. Blessed be." - M.B., 04/20/2015

"I can't tell you how much I love this site. The pentacle necklace I ordered is just gorgeous, and the posters I bought from you are perfect. I can't wait to receive my censer! I'll definitely be ordering from you again soon!" - T.B., 04/10/2015

"I just received everything I ordered and I am very happy. I also found the Anna Riva oil that I have been searching for,for years. I will be ordering again and also telling everyone I know about The Magical Cat. Thanks again" - W.P., 04/10/2015

"Thank you so much for your speedy service! My beautiful leather journal arrived much earlier than expected, and was well-packaged. It is absolutely stunning! I love your products and have already made 2 more orders. Thanks again, blessed be!" - A.R., 03/24/2015

"You done a great job when i ordered from you before. You all were wonderful got my order here fast and in good shape" - R.B., 03/19/2015

"Amid not one, but TWO huge snowstorms, my order arrived in less than a week, complete with everything I purchased. Thank you very much, and rest assured that I will be ordering again!" - D.L., 03/18/2015

"I recieved my order last week from you and I absolutely love everything! Crazy fast shipping too! Was so glad to find a supplier in MA! Thank you!" - J.R., 03/17/2015

"I just wanted to say that the pendant I got in was just what I wanted and was shipped with care!!! I will definitely be ordering more from your website!! And it was a very good price too!! " - J.H., 03/13/2015

"Hello, I wanted to comment on this my first dealing with your company and your website. I want to say how impressed I was when I got my order. It was beautifully wrapped in plastic. The herbs were very well marked and even included information on suggestions for use, which I found very helpful. I ordered a copy of the Herb Almanac and it was also wrapped in plastic and sealed like a gift. Impressive. My order also arrived in very short order. I ordered from a 'big' company the same day, and it came days later after yours had already arrived. Again, impressive. I don't usually write to the Suppliers that I use, but I decided to make an exception in your case. I want to THANK YOU for a very classy presentation. Keep up the outstanding work. The next time I decide to send items to my customers in the mail based on your example, I am definitely going to UP my game! Best" - M.K., 03/13/2015

"I LOVE your store and recommend it to ALL my clients and students. I really appreciate your outstanding customer service too! Thank you so much! Knowing me, I will be placing another order very soon, I am sure! Have a WONDER-ful weekend! I will be playing with all my goodies. Love & Light" - C.P., 02/26/2015

"Awesome site - great selection at reasonable prices!" - M.S., 02/23/2015

"thank you guys so dearly for the product that was sent just right on time you guys are great and i was real happy with what i recived...and will be going through you guys always..." - M.A., 02/21/2015

"I received my order and love the products I ordered. The celestial amulet, posters and book are spectacular!" - M.G., 02/05/2015

"Just received my order.....packaging was great....items ordered were exactly as described and AWESOME.....thank you so much... I will definitely be ordering from you in the near future.....wonderful service......Blessed Be" - D.D., 02/02/2015

"Thank you! I love your website and am really excited for my package!" - M.M., 02/01/2015

"thank you for running such a wonderful site! I can't wait to receive my items, and continue shopping with you guys!" - O.B., 01/29/2015

"Thank you very much for such a quick delivery all the way to Australia! I'm really meant to use runes, they were tingly to the touch and the book Taking up the Runes is a great resource to have. Also really happy with the new Altar goodies too :) Thank you again! " - C.B., 01/20/2015

"You are really magickaly on the ball." - P.S., 01/18/2015

"My husband and I were blown away by the quality of every single item, and we were touched by the sage that The Magickal Cat included. Despite having to use the USPS, we'll DEFINITELY be shopping with TMC again! Thank you guys!" - T.B., 01/08/2015

"I just received my altar kit and I can't remember when I've been happier. This is so awesome and I can't thank the Magikal Cat enough. Rest assured that, as I become more seasoned in my practice, I'll be ordering more stuff :) Thanks again, very much." - A.D., 12/29/2014

"Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with my order. This is the first time I have ordered through The Magickal Cat, but it definitely won't be the last. My order was processed and shipped incredibly quickly. When it arrived it was very discreetly packaged, which was very nice. I am open about my beliefs to those close to me, but am temporarily living in a small town in the Bible belt so it was nice to have such discretion. When I opened the package I was very impressed with how it was packaged. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, it was all perfect. Everything arrived looking beautiful and not a single thing was broken or damaged. I cannot wait to place another order. I am very impressed! Thank you!" - S.C., 12/17/2014

"Thank you for providing me a place to purchase all of my Yule gifts. I have ordered from you before and was so pleased with my purchase. Thank you and Merry Yule!" - C.C., 12/13/2014

"Hi, Starry Tuesday! I love my products that I recently bought from the Magickal Cat and thank you so much!" - A.A., 12/09/2014

"I went on line to write a testimonial but then I found all the other ones! I have never seen so many compliments! You all deserve them too. Every order I have placed has arrived quickly, and the care in which you pack everything is appreciated. I recently placed an order and was surprised to find that I had to sign for this one, then I realized that due to the time of year it is, and peoples packages getting stolen from their front door, I thought, Wow-these people are all over this! Thanks for the extra security in making sure I received my gifts! Not that I need to say this, but you all have exceeded my expectations and have a customer for life. Thank you." - C.R., 12/09/2014

"I've ordered from you guys twice now, and shipping is fast and item is well packaged. A pleasure to deal with you and will come again. Thanks!" - J.G., 11/21/2014

"I love "The Magickal Cat"! AWESOME STORE! :)" - A.M., 11/20/2014

"Thank you so much :) I love your products and will buying more soon! Blessed Be <3" - C.V., 11/07/2014

"I received my package today and its beautiful!! I have been looking for a charm like this for years and it lived up to expectations! Thank you so very much and blessed be!" - H.W., 11/6/2014

"One of the best!! Very cooperative with costumers!! Very fast delivery!! I'm from Cyprus and i'm really impressed with your customer cooperation!! Respect!! I'll promote your site and thanks again for everything!! Have a nice day!!" - A.B., 11/6/2014

"Thank you. I received my package just yesterday, on Samhain sabbat. I am very happy with it and look forward to shopping with you again. Blessed Be" - D.H., 11/2/2014

"I am active duty military and I wanted to say that your products are wonderful! I was pleased with the care of the packaging that my items were shipped in. The items were high quality and I will definitely be ordering from The Magickal Cat again!" - L.C., 9/12/2014

"I Love! I want to just thank everyone here for always doing such a great job! Blessings to all!" - C.F., 9/10/2014

"My order of healing and hope arrived today. I truly can not thank you enough. The personal card brought tears to my eyes; your thoughtfulness, kindness, and remarkable act of empathy means so much. You and your business have offered me great comfort and shown exceptional humanity. I will always go to you for future supplies. Blessed be." - K.S., 9/9/2014

"Greetings! I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my first purchase! When I emailed to inquire about my order, I had a prompt and very helpful reply. Now that I have received everything I am very impressed with how carefully and thoroughly everything was packaged! The herbs smell AMAZING and I am looking forward to putting everything to good use. The website is well organized and there are tons of items to choose from! I thought I should include a photo of my cat Monty who was also very impressed with the new items! I will be ordering from you again soon!" - A.N., 8/23/2014

"Thank you the book and dragons blood ink work wonders in my magical workings and they came in perfect condition. Thank you!!!!" - E.C., 7/7/2014

"Received my order today & couldn't believe how fast it got here. That's what I call great service." - R.M., 6/14/2014

"I've ordered from The Magickal Cat three times so far and each time I'm amazed with the speed of shipping and quality of the products. This most recent time I was iffy because I was ordering a bowl for a shrine. It came in 100% perfect condition, not a scratch on it. It's sitting proudly on my shrine with a couple gemstones in it. I love coming here, even just to browse. I'll be shopping here for as long as possible. Thank you for an amazing service." - E.H., 6/12/2014

"I am literally obsessed with your site. Almost my entire witchy inventory has been supplied from you guys. I LOVE your products, and I also love that you include magickal associations with one. Thank you for making such a broad selection available! Blessings!" - K.B., 6/6/2014

"Just got my package from @themagickalcat!! Earlier than expected too, I love it so much!! I MUST ORDER MORE!!!" - K.R., 6/6/2014

"I received my Crystal Ball today, it is beautiful and free from all flaws. Thank you - from Australia" - I.K., 6/2/2014

"Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping, wonderful products and good prices! - I'll be back for any of my Magical needs :) Thanks again." - J.R., 5/21/2014

"I wanted to give a testimonial, but it turned out to be more than that. A few weeks ago I purchased some items from your site for the first time, including an abalone shell which I was THRILLED to find so well packaged in the box! I also purchased some tumbled stones, all for cleansing and protection, and a black cloth bag to keep them in. I put the bag in my purse. Less than a week after I received my items, I was unfortunate to go to the funeral of my 37-year-old cousin. I was in the limo with my aunt and my other cousin, and the manager of the funeral home came in and asked if we had a safe place to put the necklaces that had been so lovingly draped on her coffin. I immediately offered up the cloth bag I had. My stones sat at the bottom of my purse, but I felt that my cousin's items were well taken care of and protected. Thank you, for your expedient service, your loving care of the items you ship, and your consideration towards your customers, even after their purchase. I will definitely be purchasing from Magickal Cat again!!!" - S.L., 5/11/2014

"Bravo!!!!!!!! Price, great service and an inspiring philosophy. I'll be back here again often." - M.J., 4/29/2014

"Thank you for packaging everything so well. Opened the box, everything SMELLED wonderful~~absolutely beautiful, again thank you, I am so happy you are there. Have a terrific week and weekend. " - A.A., 4/28/2014

"I received my twin dragon leather journal today. this is absolutely beautiful--it is the perfect medium for me to record my experiences with my crystals and tarot card. I cannot wait to fill it up so I can order another!!!!" - C.P., 4/24/2014

"I got the package and everything was fine! Your products and service continue to be excellent over the years, as I have been a long time customer. Blessings and Have a Great Week!" - D.D., 4/13/2014

"Thank you for your amazing shop. It is by far my favorite for craft supplies!" - D.R., 4/9/2014

"Absolutely The best and Fastest Shipping store I have ordered so far. Also amazing products and Thanks in advance again. You guys Rockkkk ;)" - S.S., 4/5/2014

"I just received my second order from you... I must say so quick you are to fill it and such great things.. I thank you for being there )O( ember" - K.M., 3/30/2014

"I had to stop practicing a while back and had to get rid of a lot of my things, but now I can get it all back. One of three orders came in today. I am very pleased with what I had gotten and the amount of time it took to mail it from Maine to New Mexico. Another should arrive tomorrow and the day after. You have gained a customer for life. Blessed Be my friend and always live with love and light." - C.N., 3/19/2014

"Merry Meet All: I would like very much to share with you a story. I have purchased from The Magickal Cat many times before and has always been quite satisfied, but this last purchase, those at The Magickal Cat went far and beyond,and what they did touched my heart so much that I'm still crying. Furbaby Precious (cat) came to live with my partner and I back in 2004 with my father. She was his cat and loved him so very much. In 2006, my father went into a home due to Alzheimer's and Precious laid on his jacket for 6 months. In 2008 my father went on The Summerland and Precious suddenly attached herself to me. In October of 2013, Precious, now 18 began to become very clingy to Tanya (my partner) and even more so to me. In January of this year, Precious began showing signs of slowing down. By the end of January, we knew it was time, but I felt like this was the last part of my father that I had. I was beyond distraught knowing that it was time to send Precious not to The Rainbow Bridge, as her person was already at The Summerland, but I knew it was time to send her to be with my father her daddy. Now I always wore this knotted tightly between a Cross and a Pentacle with Bast in the middle (also purchased here) around my neck. Two days before I was to take Precious to the vets, I saw my Bast Pendant lying on the bedroom floor. Now, the Cross and Pentacle, with Bast in the middle, still held firmly in place, the Pendant of Bast on the floor still in one piece. I took it to mean that Bast was telling me that it was going to be okay that it was time for her child to go home and be with her human. I shared my story with those here at The Magickal Cat when I ordered another pendant and when I received my package there was a business card in the box with four simple words written on it that touched my heart and made me sob. Those four words were: (Sorry for your loss) with the Triple Moon Goddess drawn on the bottom. This meant so much to me that those here at The Magickal Cat took those few extra minutes to send me (someone they don't know) heartfelt condolences. I carry that card with me and in the future all my Wiccan Supplies will be purchased at one place, The Magickal Cat. Many Blessed Thank you's not only from a very satisfied but grateful customer. You made my heart a bit lighter and made it ache a little bit less. Merry Part and Blessed Be!" - D.H., 3/16/2014

"I just want to say that of all of the web sites that I've been too you are the most fabulous I love you guys so very much. Your products are amazing. thank you for your quick shipping and delivery. thank you and bright blessings a customer for life! SHANNON" - S.A., 3/12/2014

"Greetings! I recently ordered from your company, and am very pleased with the timely response in which I received my items, and the quality of the sterling chain/pentacle! I am Very Happy! Thank you for your Assistance, and to all Blessed Be!" - R.G., 3/11/2014

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I've been with ordering from you. You have tons of stuff available, your web site always works, you ship very quickly, you package up your stuff so carefully, and the quality of what I've ordered has always been excellent. Thank you! Oh - and your kitty cats are adorable!" - E.G., 3/5/2014

"Wow, what awesome customer service! Just placed my first order a few hours ago, and it's already packed and shipped! Fantastic--may be my first visit but won't be my last....Blessed be." - S.N., 3/4/2014

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. I just received my order today and was more than happy with all my new items. I lost most of my altar items during a move and was happy to see that you offer a Wicca Starter set. The items I received are just as great if not better than what I had before and cost a lot less. I will be coming back again when I can do another stock up for items I need. Thank you again from a very happy customer. Blessings, Cat" - C.N., 2/10/2014

"Super fast shipping and wonderful items. Thanks for the site! Blessed Be..." - J.I., 2/3/2014

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service that I received from your company, and I most definitely am going to spread the news on how great everything went. I have dealt with many other companies and never have I got such prompt service, I am So pleased and after I am done writing this to you I am making my second order and many many more after. THANK YOU" - M.L., 01/11/2014

"Thank you - I am delighted with my brand new, and very first Athame !! Everything shipped in correctly and in great condition. Blessed Be !!!" - N.M., 01/07/2014

"I know during this time, customer service representatives usually only receive complaints. I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the assistance in processing my order & getting it shipped. I was a little worried that after my mix-up with getting the payment done, that I wouldn't receive the package in time. I am very happy to say it arrived yesterday. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! By the way, I have sent my friends to the website & they have also made purchases." - K.D., 12/18/2013

"i enjoy your wide range of supplies - completely happy with my last order. i will continue my orders, a satisfied customer Blessed Be " - N.M., 11/23/2013

"Wow! What a great place to shop for the mystical, whimsical & positive." - K.J., 11/16/2013

"I absolutely love your shop, it is wonderful, magickal and you have so many things to choose from. Thank you for making all of these things available to us and I hope to find more wonderful items in the near future! Blessed Be" - G.W., 10/22/2013

"I could spend hours on your web site. You offer some lovely items and I hope to purchase many of them!' Blessed Be" - D.L., 10/07/2013

"I just received my order. SUPER fast shipping, items priced just right. Will surely be ordering again in the near future! Completely satisfied!" - J.C., 09/30/2013

"Greetings and thank you for your quality product and services. You've exceeded my expectations. Peace and prosper. Blessed Be!" - C.R., 09/07/2013

"i ordered charcoal blocks from you - very satisfied i have tried to purchase them from stores near me - yours have worked out great happy customer " - N.M., 09/02/2013

"Love this place, you guys have the best stuff...)O(" - L.D., 09/01/2013

"Fantastic Website!!! Love the information about Herbs. " - A.M., 08/11/2013

"Merry meet! The quality of my items that I received was astounding! It did take me a while to find your site but I consider your company a hidden gem. Each order I put in just gets better and better! Thank you! Blessed Be" - S.S., 06/25/2013

"Hi, I wanted you guys to know that I recently received my Jane Iris silver Pentacle earrings! I love them! You guys are awesome!" - S.E., 06/19/2013

"Hi there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that the little add on the side over there worked. I saw it and visited you site. I think I am in love! Saw on your site that you have a Facebook, so now here I am. Welcome to taking some of my monthly income :P" - T.W., 06/18/2013

"I saw an ad for The Magikal Cat on my Facebook page. When the page opened, I thought I had found Nirvana. Most 'wiccan' or 'mystical' sights in my humble opinion are hog-wash wanna-be's. Not so with your store. Items for sale state their properties in the description. Great for the beginner. Pricing is reasonable with different payment options. Shipping is fast. All those positives cannot compare to the look on my daughter's face when she received and opened her Dragon Pendant with the hidden athame. Sheer joy. Thank You for a wonderful birthday memory." - C.S., 06/11/2013

"It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you The Magickal Cat! I just received the merchandise I order & am very satisfied with the products I have purchased! Quick turn around too. I highly recommend you to my friends! THANK YOU, THE MAGICKAL CAT! )O( Blessed Be )O(" - D.C., 06/07/2013

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"The order which I placed with you in Jan. 2013, was the first time I had placed an order with you. When I received my items I was thrilled with the quality, as well as the prices. The faerie earrings and pendant were a perfect gift for my sister, and she was delighted with them. I placed my second order with you today & cannot wait for it to arrive. :) I already have items on my wish list which I will order on my 3rd order! I'm so glad I found your website! Thank you for stocking such great items, and for making the items fairly priced. " - S.H., 04/14/2013

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"Once again I'm sending you all some love for receipt of my order quick fast and in a hurry. So glad I found your website. Great products and price for majority of items. I appreciate that I can purchase (5) sheets of parchmanet for my projects instead the entire box. And, the mojo beans and acorns has just the right amount. But this order you out did yourself, I was concerned about the the High John Root, you sent me the received the most beautifulbig round piece. For 35 years I've using this root never had one like this one. I will have to leave this on my altar and use the other two for gris gris bags. What else can I say your client service is AWESOME!!!! I'm hooked." - D.A.H., 02/14/2013

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I was so pleasantly surprised at how fast my order shipped and how quickly it arrived! (Of course, I live close by... but there's so much to brag about with you guys!) Everything about my shopping experience was beyond what I had expected. You site is beautifully laid out and easy to navigate. The checkout process is very smooth and simple. The products that I ordered are even better than they were depicted here on your site. I rarely leave feedback after a shopping experience but you guys deserve a glowing review. I noticed that another customer had remarked that the packing of their product was very well done... this too is true. I will most certainly be ordering again from you very soon! Blessed be to all of you!" - A.R., 11/06/2012

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"Just got my new pentagram pendant and a few other goodies and I love everything! So glad I stumbled across your site. The patch I ordered is especially pretty and I can't wait to put it on something. . . I just can't decide what. lol" - W.W., 10/09/2012

"im messaging u to thank u for my beautiful things i got from u guys everything was individualy wrapped and perfect i love u guys im very blessed as a wiccan to have u in my life - i will continue to order more stuff from u in the future instead of amazon where everything is so expensive i learned my lesson on that thank u love u all much love and happy halloween!!" - A.B., 10/02/2012

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- J.J., 07/25/2012

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I just wanted to say thanks for such quick shipping and great packaging. I love your website! )O( "
- D.N., 07/27/2012

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- R.W., 07/13/2012

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"Several weeks ago I ordered the Willow Runes. I want to say how much I like them and the magic of the Willow wood gives them a lovely feel. Can you thank the Artist or person who made them please, thank you." - N.P., 06/03/2012

"I absolutely love the Magickal Cat! I know a few Pagans here in the town I live in and they had never heard of you guys. They love some of my amulets and they asked me where I got them. I told them, The Magickal Cat! I gave them your web address and hopefully they have become customers by now." - L.H., 08/05/2011

"It certainly does help to get the things you order quickly. Makes a nice change, as anyone here can emphatically tell you ^_^. Thank you, Magickal Cat, just for existing." - R.J., 11/03/2011

" I love it! The products that you order, you get really fast! I love it!" - C.B., 10/08/2011

"im really amazed, I ordered a bunch of Things for Beltane and for my next full moon Ritual, I figured I would order now since I did not know how long it would take for this company to ship... WOW its already here... not only is it here already but the amount they give you is great... i will never buy from another place again."
- O.H., 04/25/2012

"Thank you. The first good source for supplies. A great big hug and a kiss for all you guys. merry meet"
- P.L., 03/22/2012

"I recently received my order from you and I could not be more pleased. My order arrived in a discreet package in only a few days and everything was as it described on your website. I have ordered from other magical suppliers and while I have never had any problems with the others, your service was just exceptional. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you and Blessed Be!" - K.B., 02/06/2012

"Thank You soo much! Your truely magickal! The crystal ball is absolutely beautiful and the stand complements it. Your fast!" - T.A., 02/03/2012

"Very nice products! The orders took no time to get to me and nothing was wrong with anything! Blessed be all of you at the wonderful cat!"
- D.D., 12/19/2011

"When I first ordered anything from The Magickal Cat, I was worried mainly about things taking too much time to arrive. While this may not always be the case, within four days I recieved my order. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the way things worked out time-wise"
- R.J., 11/03/2011

"Thank-you so much for my order, it came today the ring and pendant are very beautiful, you were wonderful about the shipping inquiry and the incense is very very nice!! Its nice you ship to canada as there is not alot of pagen stores to shop online from the magikal cat has a fabulous website. thanks again" - C.P., 08/18/2011

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- R.H., 06/15/2011

"I am very satisfied with the diligent processing system. My order took a little over 24 hours to be shipped and 3 days to be sent to my house. I am so excited to be able to start performing as a solitary. I live close to Salem, Ma. but the shops are about twice as expensive and most dont have an all in one stop. So I am so very happy I stumbled upon this website. I am very impressed and this company has gained a loyal customer with me. Thanks so very much...Blessed Be!" - K.B., 06/24/2011

"I love your things! Instead of a "honeydo" list taped to our fridge, there is an "honey, I want list" from your website! No kidding." - T.R., 01/19/2012